Day 42

Welll…….me and my kiddo have been sick back to back. Currently we are dealing with this oh so wonderful stomach virus that has been going around here lately.

Today also happens to be 1 year to the day I got hurt…..  It’s hard to still be deal with it, but I’m learning. Slowly but I’m trying. I’m proud of my kiddo of how he has stepped up for me and had to put up with a lot. Doesn’t help that my jeep is screwed up….but we are working on getting it fixed…

Anyway, I’m surviving and still going… 

Love and prayers and blessings, 

Cutie I found at Big Lots!

Day 19

Friends, followers, family! 

Please forgive my scattered self. It’s funny that it wasn’t too long ago that I said in a post that my kiddos life is usually the only one with changes lately….but…well that’s changed to some degree. 😌😊😌😊😍😍😍😍

I have been very side tracked lately…and on the phone a LOT…and dealing with sickness, both mine and the kidlet’s. Kiddo started off with a migraine the other day, then turned into the aweful stomach virus that seems to be going around. It’s been a rough few days. Although I did manage to get a breakfast date before the crud hit. My son is now feeling better but the virus of course has hit me. Thank you craptastic immune system. I have another date coming up soon and need to be feeling better. Pictures to come later. Yes I was for real so nervous and excited that I forgot to take even a single picture on our first date. I did remember to take a picture with my sister from later the same day.

Me and Sister-mine! 

Y’all I am pretty sure that smile is left over from my date that morning….even though it’s clearly SEVERAL hours later! I’m off guys! I’m starting to feel like death again, but felt a burning need to make sure I got a post in so said date’s oldest can continue to cyber stalk me! (Hey T!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait til Friday!)

Y’all have a great day!! 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends,