Day 20

Hello all! Life has been a busy mess! Some good, some sad and all of it a mess one way or the other! To update you since Friday…

I got sick with the crud my son had/still has. My son is still sick. This has got to be the worst stomach virus he has had in a very long time. I am finally doing better. We took him to the dr office on Monday because I was worried about him getting dehydrated.

This was me at the dr office with the kiddo. (I tried to take a picture of him but he wasn’t having it and didn’t feel good…so you get one of me…bad as it is lol)

She said give him a few more days and he would be better. (He got worse after dr visit) She also cleared me to go to see my orthopedic dr. CJ and I both came home and started sucking down orange Gatorade!  

Our favorite

Then came then news that my ex-husband’s grandmother died. The Kiddo’s great grandmother. It was a hard night.

So Tuesday, Sister-mine, her hubs, and I loaded up into my dirty jeep and headed to the dr office. (It’s about an hour south of my house! But he’s the best so it’s worth it!)

I look rough. Lol we are sitting on the exam table waiting on the dr. By this point I have already had X-rays and a bad migraine coming on. 

We were all getting bored…

(Please forgive how horrid I look as well as the white patch of hair on my head) This is the wonderfully amazing Dr. James!! He’s in Pratville! Best orthopedic doctor ever!! And he has amazing staff! ( they love us! We’re their favorite!  My weirdness and all!!) Now by the time we left I was giving no thought at all to the fact that I should be carefull of what I put in my tummy. I was hungry and sore and tired and my end routine at the dr office had been messed up. So we continued to Cici’s Pizza.(it’s a joke/not a joke that if I am good at my visit I get lunch!) 

While it was all very yummy, my tummy was not ready for it! At all! It was bad….Sister-mine drove home! Came home to a fevered kiddo. (Because of course he got worse while I was gone)
The ex decided to go ahead and come get the kiddo that night. (Oretty sure he just needed him close to help deal with the lose and I understand that) I helped get him all backed and out the door. I then took my meds and an ice pack for my shoulder and went to bed. Slept hard…really hard that morninf and off and on most of Wednesday. I was just physically worn out. Then I got hungry!! 

Cinnamon rolls!!

I made cinnamon rolls…then decided I should probably eat something a little healthier too.

Egg and cheese burrito…that really needed some jelly!

 So that’s where we get to now…or close to it anyway…lol. I’ve spent most of the time on the phone playing on Pinterest, Facebook, messenger, text message and phone call. I have stuff actually planned for later today and every day this weekend! There will be lots of pictures of course. Thursday will be busy with crap paying bills…but Friday!!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ y’all I’m so excited about Friday!! My new hunni has a 17yr old senior who is in the band and SHE invited me to come see her march!! (I’m taking Sister- mine with me!) Seriously y’all,  I’m so excited! And I have been told there will be funnel cake!! Saturday is my date with my hunni! Yes there will be pictures! Sunday will hopefully be a mostly lazy day. I do plan to try to make a no bake cheesecake for my hunni. Monday I get to help T make stuff for her homecoming week at school! Very excited about getting to go to the craft store for all the goodies!! It should be a good weekend! Busy weekend for a change! Good change! Lots to do… Probably going to try to make some lemon squars he posted to Facebook. Thunk I will do those tomorrow night…This weekend can’t get here fast enough for me!! 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends, 

PS.  I got the 17yr old hooked on Pinterest. …does that make me a bad girlfriend?!?!