Day 27~~

Funny how sometimes animals just know when you are having a bad day.  Jeep is still having issues…yet again…. I’m beyond frustrated. But it is what it is at this point.  I pray and just keep going. I give it to the Lord. In the mean time, 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends!! God bless!!

Day 21

And just like that life changes again!
Not gonna lie….Thursday was great….or so I thought….and to be honest I actually had a couple of pictures to post from an unexpected lunch date…but I won’t now. Seeing as he sent me 5 text basicly breaking up with me before we truly got a chance… 

Sad doesn’t even cover it right now…

I was in the middle of making him lemon bars at 2:30am when it happened. He said it was because his youngest 2 didn’t take it well that we were dating. I understand the kids coming first…but still wonder if it wasn’t something I said or did really….. I will probably always wonder. I’m sad and hurt but I know eventually I will get better. I wish nothing but the best for him and his kids. It’s times like now thou….that make me wonder…is it really me? Am I what’s wrong in all these failed relationships that I’ve had? 

Still….I’ve got lemon bars and smores bars…

And managed to only burn myself once on my arm…

I’m going to go hibernate for a bit for now…. I know God has a plan even if I don’t know what it is…

Btw, if the goodies turn out good I’ll share how to make them! You totally will need a food processor to crush up the graham crackers.

(T, if you read this..understand he asked me not to have contact with you any more and I have to stand by that. I’m sorry I never got to see you march. Take care of him and know this wasn’t what I wanted.)

Love, prayers, and blessings my frieds!

PS. Would be totally thankful for any prayers sent my way! 😞😓😓

Day 10

If anyone ever tells you a long term injury doesn’t mess with your head,and sleep schedule, they are lying.  When I left you yesterday the plan was to go to sleep….and I did…for about a hour. At which point in time my ex-husband called to discuss our son. This normally wouldn’t be an issues except I was having an off day. So after a long discussion of our child(hey we are trying to make co-parenting work.), I couldn’t go back to sleep.  It was bad. The thought process would NOT stop. The worry. The stress. It wouldn’t let go of my brain long enough for me to sleep. So it was another night of getting lost in the Netflix world. Is it just me, or can y’all get caught up, like I do while watching the whole season at one time, that you talk to it like they can hear you? No? Just me? Lol. Anyway it was close to 11am before my eyes and brain got it together enough to work together and let me sleep.  But I was awake again by 3:30ish….not just awake, but awake and out of the bed. Tried holding a legitimate conversation with my son. Who promptly fussed at me and told me to get my butt back in bed because exhaustion was a very real thing and he just knew I had it. Kid is good. Sadly he knows the signs of when I haven’t been able to sleep and how to help with it. I was able to lay back down but it took a good 30 to 40 minutes for me to doze back off….only to be back awake by 5:45pm….and been up ever since. So my picture today..well, we will call it exhaustion. (Please excuse,  well, the hot mess that is me…)

 So…now I am awake again. I have eatten (thank goodness for leftovers) and am back in the bed. Hopefully I will be able to go back to sleep soon!

Hope y’all’s day has been better!

Love, prayers, and blessings,

Day 8 (warning this one is kinda long! Lol )

This is day 8 and what I am about to post,  I should have posted last night. I have come to realize that there are some days I just have more to say and do another post or add to the one already done. Anyway~~ So last night I made dinner. 

 (Honey BBQ Chicken, rice, corn/potatoes,  and sweet tea) 

I am very proud of myself for this!! It took way longer than it normally would, and yes it frustrated me, but I got it done! One handed lol 

 I don’t remember buying this but I literally almost cried when I saw the top of these cans!! I can open these! Granted, yes, my shirt got some on it too, but Thank you Jesus! I can open these! Here is the end result that was quite yummy! 

 Sorry I forgot to take the picture before I had started to eat. Lol 

So that was last night. Now for today….. Today was a busy day …as yesterday rolled into today, I could be found watching season 2 of Jane the Virgin on Netflix. (I got to episode 17 before my phone screamed enough and died.) After making sure the kid was up and out the door for school,  I decided I could finally sleep.  This ended up being a nap as I got a call from a friend who needed me to drive him to the ER since his wife was at work. So up I got and off I went (after a shower and he came to get me). While waiting for him to get here I figured I had better get a picture for today. I decided to document the fact that I was indeed out of the house. 

 please excuse my half dry fuzzy hair.  I really need to condition it! 

So off to the ER we went. Side stop at Taco Bell cause ya know..hunger. Lol Friend got admitted to the hospital (prayers would be great. Bad infection). I take truck back to his wife and swing to pick up the kid on the way. 

 Y’all I LOVE and ADORE these 3 boys!!! This is us on the way to bible study tonight! They are friends who are family! These three can always bring a smile to my face! And I seriously love that they know they can tell us anything…and they do! Tonights conversation consisted of who they thought looked hot this year and how one had wanted to smack another one for saying like 30 times in one class “Dude!She’s so hot!” (one in the middle almost got smacked by the big mine lol) The discussed who had what teacher and who was having lunch with who. This was important as the one with no sleeves on is known to sit with a table full of girls each year because they end up bringing him extra food. (Seriously this has been going on since 6th grade) lol so it’s important to know who eats when lol. 

 Me before church

After church they picked up right where they left off! The way home included them singing with the radio several songs! It was great! I am so thankful to be blessed to be in these boys lives!  

Anyway~~all in all it was a good day and I feel accomplished!  Tomorrow I am gonna try housework lol ….probability not gonna be able to do much but I am going to try anyway! Also, with all these books I’ve been reading lately, I might start doing some reviews….I do them on Amazon anyway… Hope y’all had a great day too! 

Love, prayers, and blessings,

Day 2~~

First and foremost HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER MINE!!!! Yes I may have originally wanted to give you back when you werr born, but I am so glad we kept you!! I would be lost without!!

(Sister mine and my kiddo (who is her first love! Totally serious!  Just ask her she will tell you! Lol so will my kiddo and her husband!))


So day 2 has been long and I haven’t done much at all today except my physical therapy. No I didn’t go into therapy today, because the new thing …new issues that we are dealing with is my jeep is messing up. Eventually I am sure there will be picture of it…just not today. So yes I am stressed. So most of my day has been spent like this:

Laid up watching tv…

Now please understand,  I am actually at a friend’s house. I am too broke to have cable or satellite or internet. I have friends that let me come and hang out with their stuff…  Currently we are watching Blue Bloods but this morning it was NCIS:LA as I played on the many social media outlets on my phone.  I found a few things that stuck out at me today…

      I have curves and 9 tattoos (would have more but ya know I am broke lol).

Are needed some days just to get through it….so throw them out into the world!

I am pretty sure I am way past the Plan A but the point is to keep going. So that’s what I do….I pray and remember to keep going and keep trying. Yes it’s hard! There are some days I would love nothing more than to give up….but then I remember. ….God gave me this AMAZING kid to take care of and love!!

 (My AMAZING kiddo that God has blessed me with! My reason to keep going!!)

Find your reason! Don’t give up! Keep praying!

Have a good night and be blessed!