Day 41

Well, no snow….but Lots of ice. The boys were disappointed but they survived by watching movies, playing video games,  and sleeping. We caught them sleeping with the tv still going on a loud game.

They told me I was creepy cause I took pictures of them while asleep. Lol not knowing I took it for being able to post here. Lol 

Ice on the steps…


You will NEVER guess what this is…

Seriously!  You won’t guess what is under the blanket!  All the dogs are in the house, but none are under blankets. But since it’s 20ish degrees outside ALL the family pets are in the house.

Yes. That’s a pig!

That’s Arnold. Better known as “Fat Pig”. He usually sleeps outside on the front porch. Cause that’s where his little house is and he’s just a big baby. Lol sometimes he thinks he’s a dog. He love fresh fruit and veggies and can drink sweet tea out of a cup…our well he could before he got SO big. 

I’m now watching Lockup and settling in for the night. Hopefully I will get some sleep….hopefully. I was up all night last night. So fingers crossed I will get some sleep.

Love and prayers and blessings!

PS. Y’all stay warm out there!!

Day 40

Happy New Year!! 

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas and new year. Mine was..alright. I got to have my kiddo for all of Christmas for once. It was different. We put up a tree. He didn’t get up until almost 12. Lol and he only woke up then because I woke him up. My sister mine and brother in law came over for lunch and we had a great time! Lol I of course totally forgot to take pictures! Lol We watched the kiddo open his few 🎁 presents I could get him and talked and laughed and just enjoyed our time together. 

Normally we would have then gone to a family friends house but sadly one was still in the hospital after a very bad wreck he had been in earlier in the month. Thankfully he is doing much better now. He’s currently asleep in the chair next to me as I type. There are 4, yes 4 teenage boys in the next room having a blast with the fact that they have a snow day tomorrow and are out of school for a long weekend. Me…. I’m sitting here not able to sleep. Which is actually nothing new for me. We (me and the kiddo) figured if we had to be snowed in somewhere here is better than our house. Lol if we do get snow there are hills here. Hopefully I will have pictures to post of them beibg goofy kids they actually are. (They almost all look like grown men.) At this time I’m pretty sure they are asleep, since all I’m hearing now is the tv. But it’s been great listening to them mess around, joking and laughing and having fun hanging out together. 

My current situation. Yes I am watching NCIS on my laptop instead of the big screen.

I’m catching up to be current of the season. (The CBS app is AWESOME!) 

Anway, I haven’t made much progress with my right hand, but can almost lift my arm up completely straight up!  (That’s big for me!) And for the first time in FOREVER I came touch my thumb to my finger!! Not completely but close! 

Hurts like hell! But I can do it!!

I’ve had a lot on my mind these days, but haven’t been ready to put them all into words. Hopefully this will change soon and I will have more to come.  


Love and prayers and blessings! 

All of us cramped into the back of Daddy’s truck when they came to see us after Thanksgiving!

Me trying to take a picture of us! Lol

Daddy mine and Santa 🎅

Me and child of mine that ain’t mine at Wally world on Tuesday night! (Before all the bad incoming weather.)

Day 38….or close enough..

So….for those of y’all that don’t know….it’s been a REALLY big day in Alabama today! (Besides being Shop Small Saturday) .

Iron Bowl Day!! 

Had fun watching the game!!

On the off chance y’all didn’t already know who I liked)

It was fun watching the game with mostly Auburn fans.

Slow start, but they got it better in the end! Hope y’all enjoyed y’all’s day!! I did! 

Now I am going to try to stay awake til like 8pm, cause I’m tired! Lol..

Love and prayers and blessings! 

P.S. I even managed to buy a very few small Christmas presents!  

Day 36

As y’all know I’ve been going through a lot lately. Still am. But y’all,  today has been so amazing. I’ve been reminded today just how loved my son and I am loved. 

I didn’t get a picture with my sister mine today, but we did get to have a little family Thanksgiving before brother mine had to go to work. It was great. And I managed to get a 15lb turkey safeky in the oven all by myself…one handed! I was so excited!! 

Turned out great!! 

Then we came to my “other family’s ” house! It was so wonderful!  Just being with these people! 

Back porch talking

Love these boys! Even if they don’t always smile!

Never to big to sit in momma’s lap!

Blessed to have Uncle Roger still with us!

Our very own Santa lol aka Pop!

Even the boys joined in our talking!

Gotta have pie!!

Three of my favorites!

Even managed to get a picture with big D

No matter what’s going on in your life take the time to enjoy your loved ones…even if you don’t share all the same blood! 

Now I’m trying to patiently waiting for the new Gilmore Girls!! 

Love and prayers and blessings! 

Day 17

Not really sure what to post about todsy so I will just tell y’all about my day and share the pictures I took.

Working on getting my sleep schedule back on track…. I woke up at midnight….and am still awake. I wouldn’t let myself take a nap due to worrying it would keep me awake tonight. Instead I’m awake because I kinda asked a guy on a date….and he said yes! So I’m excited. To explain I actually asked if we could go for a ride. He’s the one who said yes and dinner too if I was up for it. I , of course , said yes! 

Anyway!! Road to church with my best friend and a bunch of kids! ( I have a head light out and just knew I would get pulled over for it. Church was great! Then continued great messages from/to the guy….😊😊😊 yeah I’m feeling good about that right now and am all smiles! 

So here’s all the pictures from tonight….

Boys would look at me and thought it would stop me…lol

Like I said we had a truck full! Lol

Anyway~~spending at least some of tomorrow with my sister! Hope y’all have had a great day! 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends,

Day 16 Learning

 So todays daily prompt for post a day is learning. (I know second day in a row I am using a daily prompt, but it sparked a lot of thoughts in me.) 

I decided to take on this post a day challenge to give myself something I had to do every day.   I have learned that I’m not the type of person who does well without something to do. I’ve had very few times in my life were I haven’t worked and not working isn’t something I like. I like to work. To feel like I have accomplished something, anything!  To know that I was contributing in sone way. Something y’all may not know is that I was a preschool teacher for 10 years! I loved it! But like others before me, I got burnt out. It happens to the best of us. I knew I wasn’t making the money I needed to be making and wasn’t able to take care of my child the way I needed too. I have since learned that I can and have taken care of my son making a lot less. I’ve been learning a lot about myself since I have been hurt and can’t work. I’ve learned that some times it’s the little things in life that make you happy that day…

My little bit of happy today!

Some times it’s as simple as being able to fold or hang up a load of clothes by myself. Today it’s Finally sleeping. (Yes it was from like 5am to 3pm, but I finally slept for more than an hour or two.) I am learning  the hard way to wait. In the bible it says “Be still and know I am God.” Well, God has been teaching me how to do just that. He has answered prayers when I had nothing left besides faith that He would take care of it. I’ve learned that I have a few people that no matter what I can count on them. I’ve learned  that my son can and will step up and get things done. I’ve learned that I have to accept my new limitations and can in fact live with them. I’ve learned that even though I want something or someone, I am better off without it(them). I’ve learned that I can still lend an ear to listen and prayers to give. I’ve learned you know who your people are by how they make you feel when you are around them.

 I’ve learned that there are some ways I can still exercise. 

I’m on day 2

I’ve learned that sometimes life just takes Faith. Faith in God (or whatever you believe in). Faith in yourself and faith in those you love.

And I’ve learned that sometimes happiness is sitting in the sun writing a blog and thanking God for blessing me with another day. 

Love, prayers, and blessing my friends! 

Day 14

Hi all! After yesterday I am worn out. As per the new normal for me, even though I was so tired, I’ve only had a short nap since yesterday. Church was indeed watched from the bed as I was afraid to drive. (Driving without sleep can be almost as bad as driving drunk and I refuse to do either ) 

Anyway~it was an amazing service even if I couldn’t be there in person. Determined to go next week!! So besides that I’ve tried to take it easy. Washing some more laundry. Now I am realizing that I may not have thought it all the way through….

These are blankets and sheets that are all clean but I Can NOT manage to fold them alone. Waiting for the kiddo to come home from his daddy’s so I can get his help!  Although, I did manage to fold some of the little stuff….towels, hand towels, and bath clothes! I call it a win! I am waiting now for my first load of actual clothes to be done. I have one more load in the washer, but I am pretty sure that I am done for the night. I am hoping to get to sleep for at least a few hours tonight! 

Think the kiddo would be home soon, I decide to try to cook again. We, however, didn’t have much to choose from. So I had a small pack of pork ribs and a few chicken breast…. Which means I cooked ribs and chicken spaghetti!  Now my step-momma makes the absolute BEST chicken spaghetti!! With Granny’s coming in a very close second. I figured if I could at least get close to theirs I’d be good. Then call one of my best friends to ask for a reminder on how long to cook the ribs. I already had the other stuff down as I have helped her prep hers to be cooked. 

 Her’s usually end up on the grill, but ya know….I only have an oven. Kiddo is still not home so I ate without him! 

 II think it all came out great! Way better than I thought it would! 

I’m tired and have a bunch I want to try to get done tomorrow while my friend is off work. Hopefully tomorrow I will have figured out what’s wrong with my jeep and it will be running again the right way!! 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends! 


Day 12

I never got to sleep, but I made it to church! Thanks to two cups of coffee and a Mt.Dew!

 Church was amazing! Then got to have lunch with the youth group! 


 “fancy sushi”

At the super buffet (See name in red over my shoulder) I am a VERY full woman at the moment. Now I do believe it is time for a nap! (Which means I will probably sleep til tomorrow! Lol) So that is the reason I am going ahead and doing a post now! 

Love, prayers, and blessings, 

Day 11

So it’s late but I actually have some pictures for today!

These beautiful photos I took while waiting for a friend outside my house. It looked so beautiful and felt so good with the breeze blowing. I actually got to enjoy being outside for a little bit. It was great. Some times it’s the little things in life that make your day.

Finally got to the store for much-needed goods.. While there had way too much fun helping a friend pick out an outfit for one of her nieces.(pretty sure final count on the girls was 8 and 2 boys…but can’t remember for sure..I just know it’s a lot. ) Seriously had so much fun looking at all the cute little girl clothes….being thankful the whole time mine is a boy! Lol Anyway~~ as we were leaving we saw this awesome ride in the parking lot!!

 My fun picture for the weekly photo challenge! Awesome, right? It’s only got one wheel in the back! Not sure why I didn’t think to take a side picture… I didn’t take one straight from the back because I didn’t know how to doctor the picture so you couldn’t see the tag. Which according to tag holder it was owned by a marine. Simper fidelis!

Anyway~~ I guess over all it was a good trip. I am beginning to learn to budget simply because it’s a must with very limited income coming in and so much having to go out. It’s frustrating at times but at the moment it is what it is. Hope everyone has had a great day! I’m going to  try to get some sleep even though I ended up drinking a Mt.Dew way too late tonight. I’m hoping to go to church tomorrow!  If I can get to sleep tonight.

Love, prayers, and blessing,