Day 18 (yes it’s late)

Sorry yes I am posting late tonight…but well, I was on the phone. Having an amazing conversation. You know the kind that leaves you smiling…yeah that kind. Anyway~~this morning was stressful as the kiddo woke up with a migraine. It was bad y’all!  He’s finally feeling better. He woke up earlier this evening asking for food. Wanted breakfast for dinner,  Ihop style ….in other words he wanted chicken fingers with his panckes and oatmeal. Lol so yes of course that’s what I gave him! 

Pancakes, chicken fingers, oatmeal, bbq sauce, and chocolate milk.

He loved it. But was eating more chicken fingers by 10pm. Lol it happens when he doesn’t eat all day. Hope y’all have had a great day! Sorry for the short post…I’m tired! More later! 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends!