Day 5 for real

For the first time since January I made my spaghetti. Now don’t get me wrong, I TOTALLY had help. My son, my amazing kid, helped me. We have both been craving my spaghetti and it was supposed to get made last night. Instead I made it around 8:30pm tonight when the kiddo got home from getting a few school supplies with his daddy. So with his help I made it. ..and it mostly turned out like normal…. For the most part at any rate. Too much of this, and not enough of that ….doing things with the wrong hand suck…

This is my hand that does NOTHING these days…

This is the very messy pony tail that my SON had to put up for me because I can’t even do that myself. I realize that things could be a lot worse and I could be a lot worse and there are others who DO have it worse than me….but sometimes, sonetimes it really gets to me. My ex left in 2011 and even sometimes before that I felt like I was on my own. I was the one taking care of things and getting things done. So this….this not being able to even be close to normal….it really sucks and Sometimes it really gets to me. I understand this is probably my new normal and am trying to learn to live with it. 

Anyway~~hope y’all are doing better than me~~ 

Love, prayers, and blessings,