Proud momma and kiddo

So proud of this kiddo!! Tonight was the awards program for the JROTC at the kiddo’s school. (Now I didn’t find out about it ….well..earlier today… 😏 yeah, kiddo isn’t the best at remembering to tell me these things.) So we went and prepared for a long thing… It turned out great. Sadly most of the kids didn’t show up for some reason. But those that did did great. 

Presenting the colors and pledge.(My kid is the talk one with wide shoulders😉)(in the khaki shirt, not on stage)

Before I sat down, while the kid was getting into place, I got to speak with the Major and Master Chief about my kiddo and they both had great things to say about my son!! I was very happy to hear that they enjoyed him and his hard work as he enjoyed doing it. (Probably one of the few classes he actually likes at school) I couldn’t have been prouder! Then the did the presentation of the colors and the Major gave a short speech. 

Major and the C.O.s

Lining up for their awards. (They only got the certificate tonight and will actually get the awards tomorrow in class.)

Kiddo got 4 awards for a total of 5 (or 6 ) this year. (I’ll have to ask him, because I know he has gotten at least 1 possibly 2 during the year at a school assembly) 

He’s also got the Ball coming up as well as their big fundraiser at the end of May. He’s already volunteered to help with the fundraiser and says he will be there. This was the fundraiser  that he helped with last year that got him wanting to join the JROTC, so he’s excited to be doing it again this year as an upper classman.( He will be a junior next year!) 

So proud of these boys!! Awesome young men!!

Pretty sure kiddo will be getting a new uniform if Major has any say in it… he wants him to become an officer!! (Like D and H pictures with him above) 
Anyway! Just had to share how proud I am of him and his friends! Leaving you (hopefully) with a video of what they call motivation. 
Ok so I can’t get the video to load😣 I will try to get with Sister-mine to fix it or show me how to fix it cause it’s awesomeness needs to be shared!! Lol 

Love and prayers and blessings, 

47 ~~Happy Easter!~~

Happy Easter!! 

We went to church with the bestie and fam. Now church has 3 sections of seats. And for some unknown reason (it’s not a rule) the young men in our youth group sit on the front row, my son included. Now it’s an amazingly wonderful site to see these (mostly) big strapping boys during worship. This Sunday was Easter and yes it’s usually the sermon of the crucifixion and Jesus rising front the tomb and all that goes with it. (Our youth drama team did an awesome skit )

Youth drama skit

 This Easter our pastor, Pastor Bobby preached about the guys who died with Jesus that day. It was a way of looking at it differently. (I’m not even going to try to explain it because I wouldn’t do it nearly as good as he did. You can find a video of it on Facebook under River Point church…) Ironically if you go watch the video you will be able to actually see what I’m talking about as the most moving part of the day for me….

Anyway, this sermon touched my heart and it apparently touched all our boys who sit on the first row… Pastor Bobby usually does an invitation at the end (just like every other church) but he also invites those of us who like to get prayer to come at that… well Sunday he really touched these young men, because as soon as he invited anyone to step up for prayer, they stepped up. That’s right…every single one of those young men as a group took a step forward for prayer that day! It made me tear up..not gonna lie. I myself had just looked up to make my way up front myself (because hey I ALWAYS can use extra prayers) when I saw these guys do this. So instead of going to get extra prayers for myself, I stepped up behind the boys and prayed with them and for them and thanked God for giving us these amazing kids. Got to admit, by the time Pastor Bobby was done, most of the church was at the front. It was wonderful. I sit here now wishing I had a picture of all the boys doing this, but realize that if I had had my phone out to have gotten it I most likely would have missed the moment. I don’t know for sure who said it the first time, but there is a quote out there in the world that says,” The most important part of life isn’t the day you were born or died, but the dash…the life you lead in between.” Life is those “moments” you get, like I got watching 10  young men of our youth group all get an “ah ha moment” at the same time. I’m sure if you talked to each of them, they would tell you different reasons they each stepped up. That they all got something different….or maybe not ‘different ‘ so much as an individual idea of what Pastor Bobby was getting at and trying to bring to them, all of us, that day.

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter! 

Easter 2017 (Bestie, fam, and kiddo)

Kiddo and I

Bestie and her kiddo

Bestie and her fam

Awesome youth pastor and his family

Bestie and I after church

Love and prayers and blessings, 

P.S. Sorry this is a few days late, but it was set to publish and didn’t. My fault.


So I’m sitting on my back porch awaiting my bestie to come pick me up, (She treating me to a girls movie night! ) and I’m listening to the sounds around me. Through the trees come a little voice, singing her little heart out. I know she singing on their out door stage they have set up on their property across the creek. It’s the sweetest little sound ever. Then she conviconvinced either her mother or grandmother to sing with her. It’s a wonderful sound. The sound of a happy child. On such beautiful days as this, hearing that sound, I can remember there is still hope and can still feel it. 

From the weird goat who’s best friends with the black sheep, 

Love and prayers and blessings..and hope! 

Day 44~~

I’m back once again!! 

We are alive and well here in our little world. I finally have a new phone and am able to post again. Not completely sure what was wrong with my phone but hey the way my life is going… if I didn’t have had luck, I would have no luck at all! Lol

So, I shared my story of getting hurt and most of you have seen my other blogs about the struggle my life has been since then… Not just my life but mine and my son’s. There are a few people who without I know we wouldn’t have gotten this far without. Sister-mine is one of the main ones!! She’s also the one who encouraged this blog and set it up for me. She also encouraged me to try to keep doing things I like. Like reading.   

Hi, my name is Sammie and I’m addicted to books! (Now everyone says together, “Hi Sammie”) lol

Like seriously addicted to reading. I LOVE reading a book,smelling the pages, flipping the pages, and getting lost within those pages. Now as you might imagine, it is now VERY hard for me to hold a real book these days. So I got on my trusty kindle app and started looking for free books to down load. Found ALL kinds of ways to get free ebooks. And they are great. Then I found kindle unlimited. It’s totally worth the monthly fee with as many books as I read. Very rarely can I not find the book I’m looking for on there. I’ve literally been able to read so author’s every book. 

That being said, it’s also gotten me to thinking a lot about all the stories I’ve had floating through my own head. See when sister mine and I were MUCH younger I wanted to write. Hell, I even started and almost got a whole book written with her help. But life has a way of getting in the way of things you think of as pipe dreams. So it fell to the side. 

While having my bestie help me fill out the ongoing paperwork for disability I realized there isn’t anything standing in my way now. Yes I will have to hunt and peck with one hand to get it done, but that’s truly the only thing standing in my way. Granted my only other problem will be that my brain tends to go faster than my fingers will be able to, but I’m sure I will eventually find away around that! (Maybe there is a speech to type something for a laptop) And seriously the only person who ever reads it may only be me.. ( or sister- mine. I can usually talk her into doing stuff like that) We will see…it’s a thought of something that will help take my mind off of the huge amounts of time I now seem to have in my life…. At any rate, I will keep y’all posted! 

Love and prayers and blessings,

Day 43~~

One year and a day ago I tripped over the edge of a rug…..and it forever changed my world. I didn’t know it at the time just how much, but it did. Completely. All I knew at the time was my head bounced of the floor and felt like my right arm had been ripped off… But it was still attached. Just not like it was supposed to be. In the process of walking out of a door, I tripped over the edge of a rug. I know this only because I remember seeing the rug as I was laying on it…screaming in pain. It happened so fast that my brain could process fast enough for my hand to let go of the door that was opening the opposite direction from which I was falling; causing my right arm to become completely dislocated and falling into my arm pit. Thing is because of how it came out and fell down into my arm pit it didn’t look like a normal dislocation. Most pop out to the front, back or side and you can see the difference. Mine… You couldn’t tell. The ENTs couldn’t figure it out…thought maybe I ripped my muscle or something. It wasn’t until a few hours later, as they were finally doing an x-ray because my right hand was completely swollen, turning blue and had no feeling in it any more. They didn’t even bother taking more x-rays,  as the tech started calling the dr loudly to the room I was in to come quickly. The top bone of my right arm had fallen into my arm pit and landed just so…it was on top of the nerve bundle and main artery for my right arm…had been for several hours by this point. 

At this point I didn’t know the state of my hand. I was in so much pain I was begging to be knocked out. We are talking child birth pain… I don’t remember being cut out of my sweater. I don’t remember crying and begging to be knocked out. These were things I was told later. I don’t remember begging my friend that drove my jeep and son to the hospital to punch my in the face and knock me out.I don’t remember begging my son to do the same. I don’t remember the tears others, my loved ones and friends cried for me because I was hurting so much. I remember the pain. I remember feeling like if I moved my left hand off my right arm that my right arm would fall completely off. I remember the pain. They finally did knock my out to put my arm back where it should be. I remember coming to and not being able to feel my right hand or move my right arm, which at this point was strapped to my body. 

It was a hard night. I now live with pain. Always. And not ever being able to find a completely comfortable position to be in. I live every day with the fact that I am no longer right handed because my right hand still barely moves. Unless I am going through muscle spasms and then all I can do is try to breath through the pain and wait for it to be done. 

It completely changed my life. I can’t work still and am having to rely on help. For a LOT of stuff. I get excited about small things now….like being able to raise my right arm above my head. I cried the first time I was able to shower by myself…then cried again because it took so much out of me I couldn’t get dressed by myself. I cried when I had to call my daddy and tell him what happened and ask for money to pay my bills. I cried because I could do something as simple as feed myself without making a huge mess because I was having to learn to do so with my left hand. I cried when my amazing little sister stepped up in a huge way to help me get through. I cried watching my son stepping up to help me cook and try to tell me not to get frustrated ; that we would make it through this together. I cried when the next month my daddy sent me more money for bills and asked how I was and what the doctors where saying. 

I’ve had WAY too much time on my hands to think….about every thing. 

My sister helped me set up this blog so I could have an outlet a connection to the world..all on my phone. There are things I will never be able to do again. Things I put off trying because I was trying so hard to do it on my own that I didn’t make time for. Now I wish I had made that time. It’s hard at 36 to have to relearn how to do things that I had known how to do for years.  I do nothing quick or easy any more because even easy things are hard for me. But I keep going. I will continue to keep going. I don’t cry as much..(there are still tears just not as much) and I don’t hide as much. Being in public is still hard….feeling like people are looking at how weird my hand looks now and feeling self cautious about eating in public. (I’m still messier than I am confortable with.) I’m self cautious aboyt what I order in public, because I know that if I pick something that has to be cut I can’t do it on my own.I struggle with cleaning my house on my own…I still try and still have help. I try to hang up all the clothes I own because it’s hard to fold stuff…it either stays inthe basket/dryer til I need it or I hang it. I have a pair of boots I may never wear again….because the last time I had them on my whole world got changed in one little moment of time. I enjoy the simple things more. Like sitting outside in my chair and hearing a little child singing silly songs out in the sunshine.(or pitching a fit and pouting because they had to go inside) I’m learning out to live as this me. I cry and pray and keep going because it’s the only thing I can do now. Just keep going….

Love and prayers and blessings


There comes a point in some people’s lives where there they hit a wall…a blocked path of their life. I know this first hand….am deaki g with it in my life now. I have recently turned 36 and I feel more lost in my life now than I did when I was a lost teenager who thought she knew everything and didn’t. Due to an unforeseen injury my life that I had made for myself and my son has been torn up…changed in a way I never thought of. I am more dependent on people now than I ever thought I’d have to be again…and it’s messing with my sense of who I am and where my future is going. It’s hard. So very hard to be lost in the world and not being able to see the future. It’s scary. Really scary. Not going to lie….lol it’s too hard or maybe I’m too lazy to lie. I am blessed with a father who is going out of his way to help us..simply because we are his and he loves us. It’s still a struggle and I’m still fighting…every day. Eventually I will see the plan…see where and how to make it work again. Til then….never give up.

Don’t forget to tell those who are standing with you Thank you!!

Thank you Daddy&Mom, CJ, LeaAnn&Josh, Katina&Daniel, Jacob, Paula&Richard, Roger, and Randy. 

Love and blessings and prayers!! 

Day 26…

Well apparently I still haven’t figured out the delayed post or whatever it’s called because it didn’t happen. And I , of course, in my frustration,  managed to delete them instead of save. (I promise I am not stupid) 

So to give a quick as I can recap….of the last…oh week….

Felt like crap til Thursday of last week. Finally decided that damn it I was getting up and going to get a new drivers license. Checked kiddo out of school and had issues with the jeep. Drove straight to O’Reilly’s and bought the part I thought I needed and drove straight to Pop’s…thinking the kiddo and I would have to sit there til he came home. Nope he was there and working on something else. So the kidlet went into the “kid’s ” room to watch tv and promptly fell asleep.

I got greeted by Stupie as soon as I got all the way in the house! As always! 

Pretty flower I took a picture of.

A coin someone gave Pop instead of a quarter.

Showing y’all these now because after all of these I kinda lost it…

PMS , lack of sleep, and feeling like nothing was going right….couldn’t find my silver lining. Maybe it was Mom helping clean all the actual trash out of the jeep… Still don’t know. 

Anyway~ ~ road to the store with the bf…needed supplies….like milk and chocolate…chocolate  anything at that point. Went back and woke the kidlet, whose face was now swollen due to his sinuses. He didn’t know I had gotten him his own supplies. Mainly because I was having a bad day and was in no way sharing. (Now we will see if the kidlet reads the blog….) you see I took my stash…and hid it!

Y’all that far box is some way yummy goodness that can be made yummier by adding Nutella on top! 

Now that is a Peanut butter cookie pie thingy….

I’m not a huge peanut butter fan, but, y’all, I LOVE THESE!! So yummy! Y’all should try them! 

Amyway~~ since then kidlet and I have both had issues with out sinuses, found out stuff about the jeep, and burnt myself out on my favorite M&Ms.

More jeep issues have me worried and I’m afraid my ulcer is coming back, but hoping it get fixed (easy fix**fingers crossed** today) (waiting on that call now as a matter of fact)

Gonna go say a prayer and read….pretty sure that I have almost gotten through everything Celia Kyle has out right now…close anyway! (Thank you Kindle Unlimited!!)  

Oh and as of tomorrow I have gone a whole week without caffeine from tea or soda. (Not giving up the chocolate!  Not happening!) (If I wasn’t being lazy I’d make tea)

Love, prayers and blessings my friends!

PS. Here’s a cute little friend for you to see! We (I)  found it on kidlet’s bedroom window! 

Love frogs!!!

PPS. Say a prayer for the kidlet please! Pretty sure we are going to have to make a trip to the dr office soon…all the snot in his head is going down his throat😕😞😕 and he’s coughing now.  I’m going to have him drink hot tea and lemon and honey when he gets home! Hopefully that will help! 

Day 25

Hi all! 

Last few days have been rough…. I totally over did myself on Sunday afternoon! It’s taken me a day or two to recover and then I got hit with the lovely monthly visitor…so I currently feel like I am dying. Anyway~~~ I had so much fun on Sunday afternoon/evening!  And I do realize that this will probably sound weird to some of you…but I’m going to say it anyway! I had fun on Sunday helping fix my friends truck and changing the lights out on my jeep!  By helping I mean I handed tools to Pop (aka besties daddy!) and asked tons of questions! 

Pop (didn’t realize I had even taken this picture til now!).

It was HOT y’all!  This was after we were done! Pop said I looked like someone had tried to hang me thanks to the lovely failed hair dye. Lol that’s all the purple on my neck! Lol 

Y’all I was DIRTY! I was still finding grease in the shower on Tuesday!  Lol I also made a few friends…. (The dog and cat pictures to follow I’ve actually known for a while)

Laila (Sitting on the arm of Pop’s chair. Everyone says she’s Mom’s but she’s so not!) (Totally Pop’s dog!)

This is Stupie!!

Ok so I’m going to say that this cat…y’all I’m not a cat person… I’m just not. Because usually I have bad allergies to them. But y’all!  This cat! It’s name is actually Stupid. I didn’t name the cat so don’t get mad at me. I’m pretty sure I’ve now know this cat almost 10yrs and still pretty sure Stupie is the only obe I like. Stupie will come see me every single time I’m in her house! She comes to say hey and usually wants to sit in my lap.I love she comes to say hey and hate that I can’t let her sit in my lap. I’m not sure what Mom’s cat count is but Stupie is the only one who comes out to say hey. (Pretty sure the cat count is 5, 4 inside and 1 out.) 

The new friends I found were these two beautiful butterflies! (Still mad I couldn’t manage to get a picture of them together! )

They were so beautiful and flew around the whole time we were outside! There was also a little yellow one but I wasn’t fast enough to get it either. 

Anyway! Tomorrow should end up being another busy day as I have GOT to go get my DL renewed and see if I can get soneone to tighten what’s rattling on the jeep.. ..because of course it didn’t rattle when I was at Pop’s!!! 

I’m off to find chocolate! 😉

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends!


Day 22

So I have some pretty goofy pictures to share with y’all. Since my plans for this weekend fell through….majorly…(see previous post) I decided with Sister mine’s help…that I was going to hang out with her Friday anyway! And that not only were we still going to hang out but that I still wanted to dye ny hair. (Also previous post show my very white “gray hairs”). In deciding this I some how lost the box of color I had already bought and decided “screw it let’s get more” along with….I think I want some of this purple. Now the dark color on top is tge closest to my actual hair color. And seems to look right so far..the purple…honestly I feel looks more pink..and y’all I left that crap in for over an hour. I will hopefully over the next few days figure out a way to take a picture of the finished product. Til then here are some goofy pictures from our night tonight. We watched the Art Sherpa, vegging, talking/laughing, dying hair, and eating smores bars.

I’ll see about doing the recipe tomorrow with a few more pictures and let you know how the lemon bars turned out.

First few minutes of the bleach in my hair.

Where I burned my arm on the oven while making the bars. (She wouldn’t just take a picture of the burn like I wanted. So I made a face at her.)

  So when we took a picture together she made a face back!! 

This is when we decided that it was as light as it was going to get and I was starting to worry about how long it had been sitting in my hair. We washed it out and chilled a little longer before adding the purple dye..

It didn’t stay this dark purple. I’ll see if I can get Sister mine to add the picture she took of her hand! And will work on getting done pictures soon! (I ended up leaving with it still in my hair and washing it out at home because it was getting really late and I didn’t want to be on the road with those who had been at a bar all night. No offense! Anyway! It was great getting to sit and laugh and talk with my sister mine!!! I’m so blessed to have her! Btw, kiddo is doing better health wise. He is still with his father so I can not determine 100% how he is emotion wise til he’s in person. He does seem to be dealing with this loss easier than expected,  for which I am greatful. Then again I haven’t seen him in person….so..

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends! 

Day 21

And just like that life changes again!
Not gonna lie….Thursday was great….or so I thought….and to be honest I actually had a couple of pictures to post from an unexpected lunch date…but I won’t now. Seeing as he sent me 5 text basicly breaking up with me before we truly got a chance… 

Sad doesn’t even cover it right now…

I was in the middle of making him lemon bars at 2:30am when it happened. He said it was because his youngest 2 didn’t take it well that we were dating. I understand the kids coming first…but still wonder if it wasn’t something I said or did really….. I will probably always wonder. I’m sad and hurt but I know eventually I will get better. I wish nothing but the best for him and his kids. It’s times like now thou….that make me wonder…is it really me? Am I what’s wrong in all these failed relationships that I’ve had? 

Still….I’ve got lemon bars and smores bars…

And managed to only burn myself once on my arm…

I’m going to go hibernate for a bit for now…. I know God has a plan even if I don’t know what it is…

Btw, if the goodies turn out good I’ll share how to make them! You totally will need a food processor to crush up the graham crackers.

(T, if you read this..understand he asked me not to have contact with you any more and I have to stand by that. I’m sorry I never got to see you march. Take care of him and know this wasn’t what I wanted.)

Love, prayers, and blessings my frieds!

PS. Would be totally thankful for any prayers sent my way! 😞😓😓