Day 14

Hi all! After yesterday I am worn out. As per the new normal for me, even though I was so tired, I’ve only had a short nap since yesterday. Church was indeed watched from the bed as I was afraid to drive. (Driving without sleep can be almost as bad as driving drunk and I refuse to do either ) 

Anyway~it was an amazing service even if I couldn’t be there in person. Determined to go next week!! So besides that I’ve tried to take it easy. Washing some more laundry. Now I am realizing that I may not have thought it all the way through….

These are blankets and sheets that are all clean but I Can NOT manage to fold them alone. Waiting for the kiddo to come home from his daddy’s so I can get his help!  Although, I did manage to fold some of the little stuff….towels, hand towels, and bath clothes! I call it a win! I am waiting now for my first load of actual clothes to be done. I have one more load in the washer, but I am pretty sure that I am done for the night. I am hoping to get to sleep for at least a few hours tonight! 

Think the kiddo would be home soon, I decide to try to cook again. We, however, didn’t have much to choose from. So I had a small pack of pork ribs and a few chicken breast…. Which means I cooked ribs and chicken spaghetti!  Now my step-momma makes the absolute BEST chicken spaghetti!! With Granny’s coming in a very close second. I figured if I could at least get close to theirs I’d be good. Then call one of my best friends to ask for a reminder on how long to cook the ribs. I already had the other stuff down as I have helped her prep hers to be cooked. 

 Her’s usually end up on the grill, but ya know….I only have an oven. Kiddo is still not home so I ate without him! 

 II think it all came out great! Way better than I thought it would! 

I’m tired and have a bunch I want to try to get done tomorrow while my friend is off work. Hopefully tomorrow I will have figured out what’s wrong with my jeep and it will be running again the right way!! 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends!