Day 41

Well, no snow….but Lots of ice. The boys were disappointed but they survived by watching movies, playing video games,  and sleeping. We caught them sleeping with the tv still going on a loud game.

They told me I was creepy cause I took pictures of them while asleep. Lol not knowing I took it for being able to post here. Lol 

Ice on the steps…


You will NEVER guess what this is…

Seriously!  You won’t guess what is under the blanket!  All the dogs are in the house, but none are under blankets. But since it’s 20ish degrees outside ALL the family pets are in the house.

Yes. That’s a pig!

That’s Arnold. Better known as “Fat Pig”. He usually sleeps outside on the front porch. Cause that’s where his little house is and he’s just a big baby. Lol sometimes he thinks he’s a dog. He love fresh fruit and veggies and can drink sweet tea out of a cup…our well he could before he got SO big. 

I’m now watching Lockup and settling in for the night. Hopefully I will get some sleep….hopefully. I was up all night last night. So fingers crossed I will get some sleep.

Love and prayers and blessings!

PS. Y’all stay warm out there!!