Day 25

Hi all! 

Last few days have been rough…. I totally over did myself on Sunday afternoon! It’s taken me a day or two to recover and then I got hit with the lovely monthly visitor…so I currently feel like I am dying. Anyway~~~ I had so much fun on Sunday afternoon/evening!  And I do realize that this will probably sound weird to some of you…but I’m going to say it anyway! I had fun on Sunday helping fix my friends truck and changing the lights out on my jeep!  By helping I mean I handed tools to Pop (aka besties daddy!) and asked tons of questions! 

Pop (didn’t realize I had even taken this picture til now!).

It was HOT y’all!  This was after we were done! Pop said I looked like someone had tried to hang me thanks to the lovely failed hair dye. Lol that’s all the purple on my neck! Lol 

Y’all I was DIRTY! I was still finding grease in the shower on Tuesday!  Lol I also made a few friends…. (The dog and cat pictures to follow I’ve actually known for a while)

Laila (Sitting on the arm of Pop’s chair. Everyone says she’s Mom’s but she’s so not!) (Totally Pop’s dog!)

This is Stupie!!

Ok so I’m going to say that this cat…y’all I’m not a cat person… I’m just not. Because usually I have bad allergies to them. But y’all!  This cat! It’s name is actually Stupid. I didn’t name the cat so don’t get mad at me. I’m pretty sure I’ve now know this cat almost 10yrs and still pretty sure Stupie is the only obe I like. Stupie will come see me every single time I’m in her house! She comes to say hey and usually wants to sit in my lap.I love she comes to say hey and hate that I can’t let her sit in my lap. I’m not sure what Mom’s cat count is but Stupie is the only one who comes out to say hey. (Pretty sure the cat count is 5, 4 inside and 1 out.) 

The new friends I found were these two beautiful butterflies! (Still mad I couldn’t manage to get a picture of them together! )

They were so beautiful and flew around the whole time we were outside! There was also a little yellow one but I wasn’t fast enough to get it either. 

Anyway! Tomorrow should end up being another busy day as I have GOT to go get my DL renewed and see if I can get soneone to tighten what’s rattling on the jeep.. ..because of course it didn’t rattle when I was at Pop’s!!! 

I’m off to find chocolate! 😉

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends!