So thought I would share a ha ha funny take with y’all today…

For the last couple of day I’ve been having issues with little black and white spiders on my back porch. Now this being said I generally try to leave spiders alone because the get other bugs… ya know so long as they leave me alone I leave them alone… 

Well…. these were NOT leaving me alone. Lol I’d find any where from 3 to 4 every single time I would come outside and the all seemed to be close to or on Me! I can NOT stand to have any kind of bugs on me, but especially not spiders! Hey..it’s a healthy fear… 

Anyway, the bug guy came by and between me and him we got the situation settled. No more creepy little spiders or two or three showers a day cause I felt like they were crawling on me..lol 

So sister- mine and I ran a few errands this morning and decided to stop and grab some Taco Hell(Bell) for lunch. As we are sitting there eating and talking a lady from a table across from us speaks up. “I don’t want to alarm y’all, but there is a spider about to drop down on y’all’ s feet from the bottom of y’all’ s table.” 

I seriously almost jumped the table…or well, that’s what my brain was telling me to do… but y’all,  I slap froze in dear! Lol like seriously!  I was like great now they are following me and are bigger! Lol Thankfully sister- mine killed it. Lol The lady that warned us was like “well, you handled that better than I would have.” 

So I told her, “well in my head I was screaming and freaking out lol but was trying not to do all that in public.” Everyone got a good laugh. Needless to say I are the rest of my lunch with my feet criss cross Apple sauce style til we left. Hey! I was wearing flip flops and was still a little worried lol. 

Anyway, had a great morning with my sister- mine and am worn slap out now. Going relax a little now…spider free! Lol

Y’all have a great day! 

Love and prayers and blessings, 

Thankful for my spider killing sister!😉

Side note…learned that I can’t eat as much taco help as I used too… so win!