Day 38….or close enough..

So….for those of y’all that don’t know….it’s been a REALLY big day in Alabama today! (Besides being Shop Small Saturday) .

Iron Bowl Day!! 

Had fun watching the game!!

On the off chance y’all didn’t already know who I liked)

It was fun watching the game with mostly Auburn fans.

Slow start, but they got it better in the end! Hope y’all enjoyed y’all’s day!! I did! 

Now I am going to try to stay awake til like 8pm, cause I’m tired! Lol..

Love and prayers and blessings! 

P.S. I even managed to buy a very few small Christmas presents!  

Day 31~~

Hi y’all!  

Not sure where to start….

It’s Saturday, so of course, I watched football! 

They were so excited about the game! Lol

They won….no surprise there.

Watched the Auburn game…wow is all I can say about that game…

I got some what side tracked around the end of the game…

My son got talking into going to the Homecoming Dance tonight! His first high school dance!  I was so excited! Lol and he looked handsome!  Lucky we found him a suite to wear! (Like seriously he decided to go like a hour before the dance lol)

They look so handsome!  Love these guys!!! 

Then I got board and started playing on Snapchat. With some pretty funny results…

Lol I had just finished taking a shower and was watching Sleepless in Seattle. Yes I know old school! But me and the bestie were waiting for the boys to get done and need a ride home. It was all cut up so during the commercials I played on Snapchat. (Something I don’t do often) 

Boy got done…said they had fun…lol kinda lol….got more but well lol some details y’all don’t need. 

Anyway, hope you all had a good day. 

Gonna eat this! Then try to sleep! Plan to head to church tomorrow with the kiddo!! 

J’s flowers from tonight. He had a pretty date…bestie is going to save them (dry them) 

Anyway lol once again! Night y’all!! 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends!!

Other random pictures from today to follow! 

Found stashed in my friends truck lol

Night y’all! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜Žβœ‹πŸ’œπŸ˜πŸ˜˜

Day 28~~

Hi y’all!  That’s a picture of last nights beautiful harvest moon! 

Last night was a good night. My friend dragged me outta the house to go out last night. It was way more fun than I thought it would be! 

 Me after getting ready and waiting for my friend to come get me.

Diesel playing outside for a little bit.

This is Arnold…or Fat PigπŸ˜‰

That’s Arnold. Or Fat Pig. He’s my besties pig. She got him when he was a baby and tinny tiny little thing! He is of course huge now lol several years later and probably the biggest most pampered baby of all of her 4 legged babies! 
Anyway~~ me and AK went to a little bar in Montgomery….about a hour away from where we live, but she knows some people who like to hang out down there. So off we went. 

Ofcourse we had to get a selfie!! 

Loud music, free drinks, good laughs, dancing, and bad karaoke!  It was great!! We had so much fun! 

On the way home I was of course starving and so we stopped at on the way home. It’s one of those Loves truck stops that had an Arby’s attached to it. And y’all,  I saw a tiny house!!! I was excited lol! 

If I didn’t have a son who was 6’4 275 I would totally have one of these!! 

This was…my second sandwich….lol..I told you I was hungry! Lol

Me at the end of the night. Shortly there after I was passed out! It really was a great night.

So today I got to watch football. Dang was the Bama game a nail bitter. Then , because I am at the bestie’s house and everyone but me in it are Auburn fans, I missed some of the end of the game. Hello big D man getting the pick 6!! Roll Tide!! 

So while watching the Auburn game bestie got out her Halloween/ Fall decorations out to start the decorating process. This was soooo much fun!!! Lol

Bestie’s hubby lol

Bestie sitting in her hub’s chair scaring Ivy

Chuck was not wanting to be the


So all that got put on hold as we were watching the end of the game….lol well tried too. Lol we got a little side tracked playing with the pups! Upon sitting on the floor to love on the fur babies, Diesel decided he did not like her hair being up and that it needed to come down…so he took it down! Lol

We finally figured out that he was after her hair thingy! 

Tried to upload the video, but it wouldn’t work….saddly…

3 of the 4…the 4th was on D’s chair like Phiffer was on the end of mine. 

They were worn out from all the playing…

The night ended with chicken fajitas, candy corn, and pumpkin pie things! 

They are amazing!! 

Anyway! I’m tired and gonna try to get some sleep so that I can make it to church tomorrow!! 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends!! 

PS. Don’t forget to say a prayer for those injured in the explosion in lower Manhattan tonight! Prayers that the police figure it all out quickly! 

😘😘😘😘 Night y’all!!! 

Day 23

Hi y’all!  ROLL TIDE ROLL!! It’s been a good day…all things considered. I got bored and frustrated just sitting at the house. After having something planned for over a week and that suddenly changing messes with my ADD brain…a lot! Plus I was missing the first day of football season. One phone call later and I’m up and getting ready to head out. This did take longer than planned,  but I managed to get something major done y’all!  I got my hair up and off my face!! By myself!! I’m very slowly learning how to manage life with one hand.

It isn’t perfect by any means…but it’s a start!! I also managed to get some make-up on as well! 

Once I got to my friends house we decided to go ahead a cut the lemon bars. Infact I wasn’t even all the way in the door before I was getting asked about them. Lol. 

Seriously got them cut and they were gone lol. Half the pan was gone within 30 minutes. 

(Me making faces playing on the phone) I’m shari g this picture for one reason…notice my hair is back….another feat…I mean I wouldn’t trust it holding up to anything besides watching football,  but it worked! 

Yes..that is the dye I tried to do to my hair…I now have more actual purple color on my pillow case than the back of my head. Now I am icing my hand and shoulder as it’s on fire and swollen. So…for every step forward…oh well. 

Anyway! So I was excited that my friend’s house had a tv that had split screen to watch the games. Yes the games…I am an Alabama fan and this whole house is full of Auburn fans!

For the most part I was the only one actually watching the games. Well,  besides these cuties!!

This is Ivy (dark girl) and Diesel (light boy)

The older two were wandering around the house and wouldn’t sit still for me to take a picture. The people in the house…well some weren’t home and one was asleep. Anyway! I enjoyed the games! Now I’m watching tv, hoping my meds kick in soon so I can get some sleep. I am very sore though and don’t know if I will actually sleep. It happens.  I won’t be able to go to church in the morning because the jeep is rattling….I’m hoping it will make it back up the hill to Pop’s. Hopefully he can tighten whatever is lose and I can get him some black walnut icecream as pay ment! Helps he loves me because his daughter is my best friend for almost the last 10 years! 

Anyway~~guess me and Diesel will say good night. Hope everyone has had a good day! Catch ya later!!

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends!!

PS. Loved this. Found on FB.