49~~ Seven-den Tacos

Ok people… I have a new favorite place to eat! It is Seven-den Tacos truck in South Calera. 

Seriously it’s amazing!! Great food for a great price!! 

My lunch/dinner. Steak burrito. It was huge.

Had a chicken quesadilla for lunch yesterday and it was huge and yummy! I seriously liked this place so much that I went by and grabbed shrimp PO Boys for dinner to take to a friend last night. For the steak burrito today because my friend loved dinner so much he wanted to try their tacos. The PO Boys were the best I’ve had in a very long time. If y’all are ever in Calera, y’all should stop and grab something to eat! Great good! Great family! Great prices!! 

Love and prayers and blessings, 

Day 36

As y’all know I’ve been going through a lot lately. Still am. But y’all,  today has been so amazing. I’ve been reminded today just how loved my son and I am loved. 

I didn’t get a picture with my sister mine today, but we did get to have a little family Thanksgiving before brother mine had to go to work. It was great. And I managed to get a 15lb turkey safeky in the oven all by myself…one handed! I was so excited!! 

Turned out great!! 

Then we came to my “other family’s ” house! It was so wonderful!  Just being with these people! 

Back porch talking

Love these boys! Even if they don’t always smile!

Never to big to sit in momma’s lap!

Blessed to have Uncle Roger still with us!

Our very own Santa lol aka Pop!

Even the boys joined in our talking!

Gotta have pie!!

Three of my favorites!

Even managed to get a picture with big D

No matter what’s going on in your life take the time to enjoy your loved ones…even if you don’t share all the same blood! 

Now I’m trying to patiently waiting for the new Gilmore Girls!! 

Love and prayers and blessings! 

Day 29~~

Hey y’all!  

First I like to thank y’all for following my blog! I’m beyond excited that 20 of y’all think I am worth following!  (Technically it’s 21, but I’m not sure if family counts πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ cause 1 is sister mine!😜)

Anyway! This week has been a tough week…well Sunday was a good day. 

My beautiful bestie, her kiddo, and me headed to church!

Love him!!

3 outta 4 of my boys! Love them! #theyareallinblack #didtheyplanit 

Church was great as usual! We swung by the hospital on the way home to see Uncle R.(He is bestie’s uncle and mine because I got “adopted” into the family.) He was getting ready to have a procedure done to his heart on Monday.  (Prayers for him would be great as he has been in and out of the hospital a lot lately. ) 

He walked us out saying he needed some fresh air. 

Flags outside of the hospital

Anyway~~ Sunday was good. Kiddo came home late from his trip with his daddy. Monday was long…

Uncle R’s procedure went ok…just took longer than they expected.  He is already home and resting now.

 Tuesday and Wednesday were…emotional. 

Cooked both nights spaghetti and stroganoff. Stroganoff is the only one I got a picture of though.

Today bestie’s hubby ran me to the bank….

It was a deposit a$1 in the bank kinda day…πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

Yes you are seeing that right…I for real had to deposit a dollar into my checking account so I could pay a bill online. Yes that’s the kind of day I had. Afterwards we had to drive all over back roads to run by and see the bestie at work. (She needed something out of the truck). We had to go all over everywhere because a cement truck decided to fight with a train this morning down the street from bestie’s work. Train won. Truck driver and all CSX people are ok, but it made a huge mess they were STILL cleaning up hours later. 

Burned again while cooking

(Please ignore my bad hair lol coming outta my hat and my dirty mirror)  Yes I once again burned my arm cooking dinner..this time a little bigger area. It hurts like hell y’all!  And in my head I keep hearing my Granny (in Mississippi)  and my Memaw (in heaven) telling me to “put some aloe on it baby”. And fussing cause I don’t have an aloe plant to “just break one off and rub it on there”. 

Ribs,rice, cheese potatoes, and bread.(ribs on another plate lol)

Dinner was good. I thought so at any rate. Kiddo hasn’t been feeling well and this is what he requested so he got it (and helped cook it after I got burned on the oven again.) 

Btw…if y’all are like me and have a need to take short cuts on stuff….like the potatoes tonight…do not get great value whole potatoes!  Seriously it had only 4 in one can. (I use these and cut them…I usually have the already sliced since it’s hard for me to hold it and cut it left handed.) I was glad I had another can to chop up and throw in the bowl cause otherwise it wouldn’t have been enough. Lol anyway~~ 

Here’s a few more pictures from Sunday~~

Sunday night off my back porch.

Reminds me of a forest at night on a full moon.

This is the necklace the bestie found while in Paris, France with her son. The guy added all the metal work to turn this cool rock into a necklace. 

Back of necklace

Way home from church/hospital on Sunday

Anyway~~ that’s all for now! Going to go watch TWD and Bones and Gilmore Girls on Netflix. 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends!!

PS. Have a happy Friday and great weekend y’all! 😘

Day 26…

Well apparently I still haven’t figured out the delayed post or whatever it’s called because it didn’t happen. And I , of course, in my frustration,  managed to delete them instead of save. (I promise I am not stupid) 

So to give a quick as I can recap….of the last…oh week….

Felt like crap til Thursday of last week. Finally decided that damn it I was getting up and going to get a new drivers license. Checked kiddo out of school and had issues with the jeep. Drove straight to O’Reilly’s and bought the part I thought I needed and drove straight to Pop’s…thinking the kiddo and I would have to sit there til he came home. Nope he was there and working on something else. So the kidlet went into the “kid’s ” room to watch tv and promptly fell asleep.

I got greeted by Stupie as soon as I got all the way in the house! As always! 

Pretty flower I took a picture of.

A coin someone gave Pop instead of a quarter.

Showing y’all these now because after all of these I kinda lost it…

PMS , lack of sleep, and feeling like nothing was going right….couldn’t find my silver lining. Maybe it was Mom helping clean all the actual trash out of the jeep… Still don’t know. 

Anyway~ ~ road to the store with the bf…needed supplies….like milk and chocolate…chocolate  anything at that point. Went back and woke the kidlet, whose face was now swollen due to his sinuses. He didn’t know I had gotten him his own supplies. Mainly because I was having a bad day and was in no way sharing. (Now we will see if the kidlet reads the blog….) you see I took my stash…and hid it!

Y’all that far box is some way yummy goodness that can be made yummier by adding Nutella on top! 

Now that is a Peanut butter cookie pie thingy….

I’m not a huge peanut butter fan, but, y’all, I LOVE THESE!! So yummy! Y’all should try them! 

Amyway~~ since then kidlet and I have both had issues with out sinuses, found out stuff about the jeep, and burnt myself out on my favorite M&Ms.

More jeep issues have me worried and I’m afraid my ulcer is coming back, but hoping it get fixed (easy fix**fingers crossed** today) (waiting on that call now as a matter of fact)

Gonna go say a prayer and read….pretty sure that I have almost gotten through everything Celia Kyle has out right now…close anyway! (Thank you Kindle Unlimited!!)  

Oh and as of tomorrow I have gone a whole week without caffeine from tea or soda. (Not giving up the chocolate!  Not happening!) (If I wasn’t being lazy I’d make tea)

Love, prayers and blessings my friends!

PS. Here’s a cute little friend for you to see! We (I)  found it on kidlet’s bedroom window! 

Love frogs!!!

PPS. Say a prayer for the kidlet please! Pretty sure we are going to have to make a trip to the dr office soon…all the snot in his head is going down his throatπŸ˜•πŸ˜žπŸ˜• and he’s coughing now.  I’m going to have him drink hot tea and lemon and honey when he gets home! Hopefully that will help! 

Day 21

And just like that life changes again!
Not gonna lie….Thursday was great….or so I thought….and to be honest I actually had a couple of pictures to post from an unexpected lunch date…but I won’t now. Seeing as he sent me 5 text basicly breaking up with me before we truly got a chance… 

Sad doesn’t even cover it right now…

I was in the middle of making him lemon bars at 2:30am when it happened. He said it was because his youngest 2 didn’t take it well that we were dating. I understand the kids coming first…but still wonder if it wasn’t something I said or did really….. I will probably always wonder. I’m sad and hurt but I know eventually I will get better. I wish nothing but the best for him and his kids. It’s times like now thou….that make me wonder…is it really me? Am I what’s wrong in all these failed relationships that I’ve had? 

Still….I’ve got lemon bars and smores bars…

And managed to only burn myself once on my arm…

I’m going to go hibernate for a bit for now…. I know God has a plan even if I don’t know what it is…

Btw, if the goodies turn out good I’ll share how to make them! You totally will need a food processor to crush up the graham crackers.

(T, if you read this..understand he asked me not to have contact with you any more and I have to stand by that. I’m sorry I never got to see you march. Take care of him and know this wasn’t what I wanted.)

Love, prayers, and blessings my frieds!

PS. Would be totally thankful for any prayers sent my way! πŸ˜žπŸ˜“πŸ˜“

Day 20

Hello all! Life has been a busy mess! Some good, some sad and all of it a mess one way or the other! To update you since Friday…

I got sick with the crud my son had/still has. My son is still sick. This has got to be the worst stomach virus he has had in a very long time. I am finally doing better. We took him to the dr office on Monday because I was worried about him getting dehydrated.

This was me at the dr office with the kiddo. (I tried to take a picture of him but he wasn’t having it and didn’t feel good…so you get one of me…bad as it is lol)

She said give him a few more days and he would be better. (He got worse after dr visit) She also cleared me to go to see my orthopedic dr. CJ and I both came home and started sucking down orange Gatorade!  

Our favorite

Then came then news that my ex-husband’s grandmother died. The Kiddo’s great grandmother. It was a hard night.

So Tuesday, Sister-mine, her hubs, and I loaded up into my dirty jeep and headed to the dr office. (It’s about an hour south of my house! But he’s the best so it’s worth it!)

I look rough. Lol we are sitting on the exam table waiting on the dr. By this point I have already had X-rays and a bad migraine coming on. 

We were all getting bored…

(Please forgive how horrid I look as well as the white patch of hair on my head) This is the wonderfully amazing Dr. James!! He’s in Pratville! Best orthopedic doctor ever!! And he has amazing staff! ( they love us! We’re their favorite!  My weirdness and all!!) Now by the time we left I was giving no thought at all to the fact that I should be carefull of what I put in my tummy. I was hungry and sore and tired and my end routine at the dr office had been messed up. So we continued to Cici’s Pizza.(it’s a joke/not a joke that if I am good at my visit I get lunch!) 

While it was all very yummy, my tummy was not ready for it! At all! It was bad….Sister-mine drove home! Came home to a fevered kiddo. (Because of course he got worse while I was gone)
The ex decided to go ahead and come get the kiddo that night. (Oretty sure he just needed him close to help deal with the lose and I understand that) I helped get him all backed and out the door. I then took my meds and an ice pack for my shoulder and went to bed. Slept hard…really hard that morninf and off and on most of Wednesday. I was just physically worn out. Then I got hungry!! 

Cinnamon rolls!!

I made cinnamon rolls…then decided I should probably eat something a little healthier too.

Egg and cheese burrito…that really needed some jelly!

 So that’s where we get to now…or close to it anyway…lol. I’ve spent most of the time on the phone playing on Pinterest, Facebook, messenger, text message and phone call. I have stuff actually planned for later today and every day this weekend! There will be lots of pictures of course. Thursday will be busy with crap stuff..like paying bills…but Friday!!!😁😁😁😁😁 y’all I’m so excited about Friday!! My new hunni has a 17yr old senior who is in the band and SHE invited me to come see her march!! (I’m taking Sister- mine with me!) Seriously y’all,  I’m so excited! And I have been told there will be funnel cake!! Saturday is my date with my hunni! Yes there will be pictures! Sunday will hopefully be a mostly lazy day. I do plan to try to make a no bake cheesecake for my hunni. Monday I get to help T make stuff for her homecoming week at school! Very excited about getting to go to the craft store for all the goodies!! It should be a good weekend! Busy weekend for a change! Good change! Lots to do… Probably going to try to make some lemon squars he posted to Facebook. Thunk I will do those tomorrow night…This weekend can’t get here fast enough for me!! 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends, 

PS.  I got the 17yr old hooked on Pinterest. …does that make me a bad girlfriend?!?!

Day 18 (yes it’s late)

Sorry yes I am posting late tonight…but well, I was on the phone. Having an amazing conversation. You know the kind that leaves you smiling…yeah that kind. Anyway~~this morning was stressful as the kiddo woke up with a migraine. It was bad y’all!  He’s finally feeling better. He woke up earlier this evening asking for food. Wanted breakfast for dinner,  Ihop style ….in other words he wanted chicken fingers with his panckes and oatmeal. Lol so yes of course that’s what I gave him! 

Pancakes, chicken fingers, oatmeal, bbq sauce, and chocolate milk.

He loved it. But was eating more chicken fingers by 10pm. Lol it happens when he doesn’t eat all day. Hope y’all have had a great day! Sorry for the short post…I’m tired! More later! 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends!

Day 14

Hi all! After yesterday I am worn out. As per the new normal for me, even though I was so tired, I’ve only had a short nap since yesterday. Church was indeed watched from the bed as I was afraid to drive. (Driving without sleep can be almost as bad as driving drunk and I refuse to do either ) 

Anyway~it was an amazing service even if I couldn’t be there in person. Determined to go next week!! So besides that I’ve tried to take it easy. Washing some more laundry. Now I am realizing that I may not have thought it all the way through….

These are blankets and sheets that are all clean but I Can NOT manage to fold them alone. Waiting for the kiddo to come home from his daddy’s so I can get his help!  Although, I did manage to fold some of the little stuff….towels, hand towels, and bath clothes! I call it a win! I am waiting now for my first load of actual clothes to be done. I have one more load in the washer, but I am pretty sure that I am done for the night. I am hoping to get to sleep for at least a few hours tonight! 

Think the kiddo would be home soon, I decide to try to cook again. We, however, didn’t have much to choose from. So I had a small pack of pork ribs and a few chicken breast…. Which means I cooked ribs and chicken spaghetti!  Now my step-momma makes the absolute BEST chicken spaghetti!! With Granny’s coming in a very close second. I figured if I could at least get close to theirs I’d be good. Then call one of my best friends to ask for a reminder on how long to cook the ribs. I already had the other stuff down as I have helped her prep hers to be cooked. 

 Her’s usually end up on the grill, but ya know….I only have an oven. Kiddo is still not home so I ate without him! 

 II think it all came out great! Way better than I thought it would! 

I’m tired and have a bunch I want to try to get done tomorrow while my friend is off work. Hopefully tomorrow I will have figured out what’s wrong with my jeep and it will be running again the right way!! 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends! 


Day 12

I never got to sleep, but I made it to church! Thanks to two cups of coffee and a Mt.Dew!

 Church was amazing! Then got to have lunch with the youth group! 


 “fancy sushi”

At the super buffet (See name in red over my shoulder) I am a VERY full woman at the moment. Now I do believe it is time for a nap! (Which means I will probably sleep til tomorrow! Lol) So that is the reason I am going ahead and doing a post now! 

Love, prayers, and blessings, 

Day 4 and Day 5

So…this is how I am currently dealing with life…..channeling my teenage son and eating right outta the containers. I am sorry that I am having to do two days together, Β but it just wasn’t happening yesterday….or well not in enough time for it to have really been yesterday. Yesterday was hard. It was another sleepless night which made the day very anxious for me. When I got home yesterday I actually was able to be somewhat productive…in my own way. I was able to put the rest of the dishes in the dishwasher, made tea, threw some stuff away, started the dishwasher, and wiped off a counter. Now this may not sound like a lot to most, Β but look at it from my view. I have one hand to use and it’s not my dominate hand so I have had to learn everything over again and just doing that much made me tired. So tired on top of no sleep….yeah I fell asleep before fixing dinner…which I hate because I had told my son I would make spaghetti if he would help. Needless to say I’m pretty sure he ate noodle or spaghetti-os outta the can. I woke up it was way too late to make dinner and wasn’t really awake for very long before I was out again. When I realized I had not done a Day 4 was around 11:50pm

So I am awake and doing it now…emotionally and physically this is where I am at. Ok I’m gonna go now…get lost in a book. I will say I am grateful my church videos the services because that’s how I had church today since I am afraid to drive the jeep and it isn’t fixed yet..

And yes I posted those in the order in which I ate them….