Day 22

So I have some pretty goofy pictures to share with y’all. Since my plans for this weekend fell through….majorly…(see previous post) I decided with Sister mine’s help…that I was going to hang out with her Friday anyway! And that not only were we still going to hang out but that I still wanted to dye ny hair. (Also previous post show my very white “gray hairs”). In deciding this I some how lost the box of color I had already bought and decided “screw it let’s get more” along with….I think I want some of this purple. Now the dark color on top is tge closest to my actual hair color. And seems to look right so far..the purple…honestly I feel looks more pink..and y’all I left that crap in for over an hour. I will hopefully over the next few days figure out a way to take a picture of the finished product. Til then here are some goofy pictures from our night tonight. We watched the Art Sherpa, vegging, talking/laughing, dying hair, and eating smores bars.

I’ll see about doing the recipe tomorrow with a few more pictures and let you know how the lemon bars turned out.

First few minutes of the bleach in my hair.

Where I burned my arm on the oven while making the bars. (She wouldn’t just take a picture of the burn like I wanted. So I made a face at her.)

  So when we took a picture together she made a face back!! 

This is when we decided that it was as light as it was going to get and I was starting to worry about how long it had been sitting in my hair. We washed it out and chilled a little longer before adding the purple dye..

It didn’t stay this dark purple. I’ll see if I can get Sister mine to add the picture she took of her hand! And will work on getting done pictures soon! (I ended up leaving with it still in my hair and washing it out at home because it was getting really late and I didn’t want to be on the road with those who had been at a bar all night. No offense! Anyway! It was great getting to sit and laugh and talk with my sister mine!!! I’m so blessed to have her! Btw, kiddo is doing better health wise. He is still with his father so I can not determine 100% how he is emotion wise til he’s in person. He does seem to be dealing with this loss easier than expected,  for which I am greatful. Then again I haven’t seen him in person….so..

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends!