Day 29~~

Hey y’all!  

First I like to thank y’all for following my blog! I’m beyond excited that 20 of y’all think I am worth following!  (Technically it’s 21, but I’m not sure if family counts πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ cause 1 is sister mine!😜)

Anyway! This week has been a tough week…well Sunday was a good day. 

My beautiful bestie, her kiddo, and me headed to church!

Love him!!

3 outta 4 of my boys! Love them! #theyareallinblack #didtheyplanit 

Church was great as usual! We swung by the hospital on the way home to see Uncle R.(He is bestie’s uncle and mine because I got “adopted” into the family.) He was getting ready to have a procedure done to his heart on Monday.  (Prayers for him would be great as he has been in and out of the hospital a lot lately. ) 

He walked us out saying he needed some fresh air. 

Flags outside of the hospital

Anyway~~ Sunday was good. Kiddo came home late from his trip with his daddy. Monday was long…

Uncle R’s procedure went ok…just took longer than they expected.  He is already home and resting now.

 Tuesday and Wednesday were…emotional. 

Cooked both nights spaghetti and stroganoff. Stroganoff is the only one I got a picture of though.

Today bestie’s hubby ran me to the bank….

It was a deposit a$1 in the bank kinda day…πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

Yes you are seeing that right…I for real had to deposit a dollar into my checking account so I could pay a bill online. Yes that’s the kind of day I had. Afterwards we had to drive all over back roads to run by and see the bestie at work. (She needed something out of the truck). We had to go all over everywhere because a cement truck decided to fight with a train this morning down the street from bestie’s work. Train won. Truck driver and all CSX people are ok, but it made a huge mess they were STILL cleaning up hours later. 

Burned again while cooking

(Please ignore my bad hair lol coming outta my hat and my dirty mirror)  Yes I once again burned my arm cooking dinner..this time a little bigger area. It hurts like hell y’all!  And in my head I keep hearing my Granny (in Mississippi)  and my Memaw (in heaven) telling me to “put some aloe on it baby”. And fussing cause I don’t have an aloe plant to “just break one off and rub it on there”. 

Ribs,rice, cheese potatoes, and bread.(ribs on another plate lol)

Dinner was good. I thought so at any rate. Kiddo hasn’t been feeling well and this is what he requested so he got it (and helped cook it after I got burned on the oven again.) 

Btw…if y’all are like me and have a need to take short cuts on stuff….like the potatoes tonight…do not get great value whole potatoes!  Seriously it had only 4 in one can. (I use these and cut them…I usually have the already sliced since it’s hard for me to hold it and cut it left handed.) I was glad I had another can to chop up and throw in the bowl cause otherwise it wouldn’t have been enough. Lol anyway~~ 

Here’s a few more pictures from Sunday~~

Sunday night off my back porch.

Reminds me of a forest at night on a full moon.

This is the necklace the bestie found while in Paris, France with her son. The guy added all the metal work to turn this cool rock into a necklace. 

Back of necklace

Way home from church/hospital on Sunday

Anyway~~ that’s all for now! Going to go watch TWD and Bones and Gilmore Girls on Netflix. 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends!!

PS. Have a happy Friday and great weekend y’all! 😘


Day 28~~

Hi y’all!  That’s a picture of last nights beautiful harvest moon! 

Last night was a good night. My friend dragged me outta the house to go out last night. It was way more fun than I thought it would be! 

 Me after getting ready and waiting for my friend to come get me.

Diesel playing outside for a little bit.

This is Arnold…or Fat PigπŸ˜‰

That’s Arnold. Or Fat Pig. He’s my besties pig. She got him when he was a baby and tinny tiny little thing! He is of course huge now lol several years later and probably the biggest most pampered baby of all of her 4 legged babies! 
Anyway~~ me and AK went to a little bar in Montgomery….about a hour away from where we live, but she knows some people who like to hang out down there. So off we went. 

Ofcourse we had to get a selfie!! 

Loud music, free drinks, good laughs, dancing, and bad karaoke!  It was great!! We had so much fun! 

On the way home I was of course starving and so we stopped at on the way home. It’s one of those Loves truck stops that had an Arby’s attached to it. And y’all,  I saw a tiny house!!! I was excited lol! 

If I didn’t have a son who was 6’4 275 I would totally have one of these!! 

This was…my second sandwich….lol..I told you I was hungry! Lol

Me at the end of the night. Shortly there after I was passed out! It really was a great night.

So today I got to watch football. Dang was the Bama game a nail bitter. Then , because I am at the bestie’s house and everyone but me in it are Auburn fans, I missed some of the end of the game. Hello big D man getting the pick 6!! Roll Tide!! 

So while watching the Auburn game bestie got out her Halloween/ Fall decorations out to start the decorating process. This was soooo much fun!!! Lol

Bestie’s hubby lol

Bestie sitting in her hub’s chair scaring Ivy

Chuck was not wanting to be the


So all that got put on hold as we were watching the end of the game….lol well tried too. Lol we got a little side tracked playing with the pups! Upon sitting on the floor to love on the fur babies, Diesel decided he did not like her hair being up and that it needed to come down…so he took it down! Lol

We finally figured out that he was after her hair thingy! 

Tried to upload the video, but it wouldn’t work….saddly…

3 of the 4…the 4th was on D’s chair like Phiffer was on the end of mine. 

They were worn out from all the playing…

The night ended with chicken fajitas, candy corn, and pumpkin pie things! 

They are amazing!! 

Anyway! I’m tired and gonna try to get some sleep so that I can make it to church tomorrow!! 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends!! 

PS. Don’t forget to say a prayer for those injured in the explosion in lower Manhattan tonight! Prayers that the police figure it all out quickly! 

😘😘😘😘 Night y’all!!! 

Day 24 TattoosΒ 

As was requested I am going to drop a quick post with pictures, about my tattoos! I am almost 100% sure that I will do another one later today too. It’s hopefully going to be a busy day. Hoping my jeep will be fixed! 


I’ll start big to small. 

The one on my right shoulder was my first ever tattoo that lead to all the others! It started my addiction!  I drew it at 16. (Yes, there is a story behind it but it’s too long for this post. Yes, I will do a post on it later.) Yes there are things “wrong with it” but a stipulation I gave to who put it on was that it be put on me exactly as I drew it. 

The one on my left shoulder was done a few years ago. I had a basic idea and took it to my amazing tattoo artist and he went with it. It’s to represent my son and I and our first house with just the two of us with the peach blossoms around it. (We had a peach tree right outside the front door)

This is on my right ankle. It was a Christmas present from one of my best friends. She has a matching one on her in the same place. 

This is my momma’s birthday and the day she past away. This is on my right wrist.

Also for my mom. A dove holding a yellow flower. Because Momma’s favorite flower was a yellow rose and her favorite story in the bible was Noah’s ark. (Please excuse the purple dye…) Behind my right ear.

(Again please excuse the hair dye on my neck) this is a heart with an A. The A is for my maiden name. It’s my sister tattoo!  Sister-mine has the same one on her. Her’s is just in a different place. Mine is behind my left ear.

This is also on my right wrist. It’s actually a modified from another tattoo. The original one I wanted was much longer, but we shortened it because of where I wanted it. Yes I got this before Frozen ever came out. The original version was ‘Sometimes you just have to let things go’. 

This one is for my kiddo! 

It says “More than most” which is code for I love you in public. Though he isn’t usually shy about saying I love you in public. It’s on the inside of my left wrist where I can see it always. 

On the front side of my left shoulder I have “That’s life” in French. With hearts. These ended up being all one tattoo instead of two. That is all I have for now, but not the only ones I want and I so plan it get more. At the moment it’s just not possible. 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends! 

Day 22

So I have some pretty goofy pictures to share with y’all. Since my plans for this weekend fell through….majorly…(see previous post) I decided with Sister mine’s help…that I was going to hang out with her Friday anyway! And that not only were we still going to hang out but that I still wanted to dye ny hair. (Also previous post show my very white “gray hairs”). In deciding this I some how lost the box of color I had already bought and decided “screw it let’s get more” along with….I think I want some of this purple. Now the dark color on top is tge closest to my actual hair color. And seems to look right so far..the purple…honestly I feel looks more pink..and y’all I left that crap in for over an hour. I will hopefully over the next few days figure out a way to take a picture of the finished product. Til then here are some goofy pictures from our night tonight. We watched the Art Sherpa, vegging, talking/laughing, dying hair, and eating smores bars.

I’ll see about doing the recipe tomorrow with a few more pictures and let you know how the lemon bars turned out.

First few minutes of the bleach in my hair.

Where I burned my arm on the oven while making the bars. (She wouldn’t just take a picture of the burn like I wanted. So I made a face at her.)

  So when we took a picture together she made a face back!! 

This is when we decided that it was as light as it was going to get and I was starting to worry about how long it had been sitting in my hair. We washed it out and chilled a little longer before adding the purple dye..

It didn’t stay this dark purple. I’ll see if I can get Sister mine to add the picture she took of her hand! And will work on getting done pictures soon! (I ended up leaving with it still in my hair and washing it out at home because it was getting really late and I didn’t want to be on the road with those who had been at a bar all night. No offense! Anyway! It was great getting to sit and laugh and talk with my sister mine!!! I’m so blessed to have her! Btw, kiddo is doing better health wise. He is still with his father so I can not determine 100% how he is emotion wise til he’s in person. He does seem to be dealing with this loss easier than expected,  for which I am greatful. Then again I haven’t seen him in person….so..

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends! 

Day 20

Hello all! Life has been a busy mess! Some good, some sad and all of it a mess one way or the other! To update you since Friday…

I got sick with the crud my son had/still has. My son is still sick. This has got to be the worst stomach virus he has had in a very long time. I am finally doing better. We took him to the dr office on Monday because I was worried about him getting dehydrated.

This was me at the dr office with the kiddo. (I tried to take a picture of him but he wasn’t having it and didn’t feel good…so you get one of me…bad as it is lol)

She said give him a few more days and he would be better. (He got worse after dr visit) She also cleared me to go to see my orthopedic dr. CJ and I both came home and started sucking down orange Gatorade!  

Our favorite

Then came then news that my ex-husband’s grandmother died. The Kiddo’s great grandmother. It was a hard night.

So Tuesday, Sister-mine, her hubs, and I loaded up into my dirty jeep and headed to the dr office. (It’s about an hour south of my house! But he’s the best so it’s worth it!)

I look rough. Lol we are sitting on the exam table waiting on the dr. By this point I have already had X-rays and a bad migraine coming on. 

We were all getting bored…

(Please forgive how horrid I look as well as the white patch of hair on my head) This is the wonderfully amazing Dr. James!! He’s in Pratville! Best orthopedic doctor ever!! And he has amazing staff! ( they love us! We’re their favorite!  My weirdness and all!!) Now by the time we left I was giving no thought at all to the fact that I should be carefull of what I put in my tummy. I was hungry and sore and tired and my end routine at the dr office had been messed up. So we continued to Cici’s Pizza.(it’s a joke/not a joke that if I am good at my visit I get lunch!) 

While it was all very yummy, my tummy was not ready for it! At all! It was bad….Sister-mine drove home! Came home to a fevered kiddo. (Because of course he got worse while I was gone)
The ex decided to go ahead and come get the kiddo that night. (Oretty sure he just needed him close to help deal with the lose and I understand that) I helped get him all backed and out the door. I then took my meds and an ice pack for my shoulder and went to bed. Slept hard…really hard that morninf and off and on most of Wednesday. I was just physically worn out. Then I got hungry!! 

Cinnamon rolls!!

I made cinnamon rolls…then decided I should probably eat something a little healthier too.

Egg and cheese burrito…that really needed some jelly!

 So that’s where we get to now…or close to it anyway…lol. I’ve spent most of the time on the phone playing on Pinterest, Facebook, messenger, text message and phone call. I have stuff actually planned for later today and every day this weekend! There will be lots of pictures of course. Thursday will be busy with crap paying bills…but Friday!!!😁😁😁😁😁 y’all I’m so excited about Friday!! My new hunni has a 17yr old senior who is in the band and SHE invited me to come see her march!! (I’m taking Sister- mine with me!) Seriously y’all,  I’m so excited! And I have been told there will be funnel cake!! Saturday is my date with my hunni! Yes there will be pictures! Sunday will hopefully be a mostly lazy day. I do plan to try to make a no bake cheesecake for my hunni. Monday I get to help T make stuff for her homecoming week at school! Very excited about getting to go to the craft store for all the goodies!! It should be a good weekend! Busy weekend for a change! Good change! Lots to do… Probably going to try to make some lemon squars he posted to Facebook. Thunk I will do those tomorrow night…This weekend can’t get here fast enough for me!! 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends, 

PS.  I got the 17yr old hooked on Pinterest. …does that make me a bad girlfriend?!?!

Day 19

Friends, followers, family! 

Please forgive my scattered self. It’s funny that it wasn’t too long ago that I said in a post that my kiddos life is usually the only one with changes lately….but…well that’s changed to some degree. 😌😊😌😊😍😍😍😍

I have been very side tracked lately…and on the phone a LOT…and dealing with sickness, both mine and the kidlet’s. Kiddo started off with a migraine the other day, then turned into the aweful stomach virus that seems to be going around. It’s been a rough few days. Although I did manage to get a breakfast date before the crud hit. My son is now feeling better but the virus of course has hit me. Thank you craptastic immune system. I have another date coming up soon and need to be feeling better. Pictures to come later. Yes I was for real so nervous and excited that I forgot to take even a single picture on our first date. I did remember to take a picture with my sister from later the same day.

Me and Sister-mine! 

Y’all I am pretty sure that smile is left over from my date that morning….even though it’s clearly SEVERAL hours later! I’m off guys! I’m starting to feel like death again, but felt a burning need to make sure I got a post in so said date’s oldest can continue to cyber stalk me! (Hey T!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait til Friday!)

Y’all have a great day!! 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends,

Day 17

Not really sure what to post about todsy so I will just tell y’all about my day and share the pictures I took.

Working on getting my sleep schedule back on track…. I woke up at midnight….and am still awake. I wouldn’t let myself take a nap due to worrying it would keep me awake tonight. Instead I’m awake because I kinda asked a guy on a date….and he said yes! So I’m excited. To explain I actually asked if we could go for a ride. He’s the one who said yes and dinner too if I was up for it. I , of course , said yes! 

Anyway!! Road to church with my best friend and a bunch of kids! ( I have a head light out and just knew I would get pulled over for it. Church was great! Then continued great messages from/to the guy….😊😊😊 yeah I’m feeling good about that right now and am all smiles! 

So here’s all the pictures from tonight….

Boys would look at me and thought it would stop me…lol

Like I said we had a truck full! Lol

Anyway~~spending at least some of tomorrow with my sister! Hope y’all have had a great day! 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends,

Basic plan for now…Β 

This is my handsome kiddo I have been talking about. On January 30th a friend and I took him to the rodeo. This threw us into the crazy life we are dealing with now. You see I fell that night as I was walking out the door and it really messed me up. Not going to go into all the details but I now can not use my right hand at all. I am working on it, but it’s a daily struggle. My son has stepped up in a major way! Such a major way! My right hand was my dominant hand. Anyway! (Warning I say this a lot lol!) I can’t work, which means I have a crap-ton of free time. With that I read a lot…like a lot a lot!! And with my amazing sister mine’s help (yes I call her my sister mine) I have decided to try to take a picture a day and blog about it. Maybe this will seem silly to people, but it gives me something to wrap my brain around…it gives me a goal to accomplish. All from my phone! (We won’t discuss how long this would have taken if I couldn’t do it with my thumb on my phone!) Btw….my sister mine is the one who made this all possible so any mistakes are made by me not her! Lol and there will be mistakes! So here’s a picture of my wonderfully amazing sister mine and her equally amazing hubby! We were sitting in the truck outside of the dr office yesterday!

Β So the following picture is from today and one of my favorite kids that isn’t actually mine! **JBC** took me to pick up my medicine from the pharmacy as I hate driving.

Β He is making a face at me cause I wouldn’t wait for him to stop to take the picture. It’s ok he loves me anyway!!

So there you go! There’s day one! Hope you enjoy this new adventure with me and hopefully it won’t bore you too much!! Lol

Love and blessing!