Day 17

Not really sure what to post about todsy so I will just tell y’all about my day and share the pictures I took.

Working on getting my sleep schedule back on track…. I woke up at midnight….and am still awake. I wouldn’t let myself take a nap due to worrying it would keep me awake tonight. Instead I’m awake because I kinda asked a guy on a date….and he said yes! So I’m excited. To explain I actually asked if we could go for a ride. He’s the one who said yes and dinner too if I was up for it. I , of course , said yes! 

Anyway!! Road to church with my best friend and a bunch of kids! ( I have a head light out and just knew I would get pulled over for it. Church was great! Then continued great messages from/to the guy….😊😊😊 yeah I’m feeling good about that right now and am all smiles! 

So here’s all the pictures from tonight….

Boys would look at me and thought it would stop me…lol

Like I said we had a truck full! Lol

Anyway~~spending at least some of tomorrow with my sister! Hope y’all have had a great day! 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends,