47 ~~Happy Easter!~~

Happy Easter!! 

We went to church with the bestie and fam. Now church has 3 sections of seats. And for some unknown reason (it’s not a rule) the young men in our youth group sit on the front row, my son included. Now it’s an amazingly wonderful site to see these (mostly) big strapping boys during worship. This Sunday was Easter and yes it’s usually the sermon of the crucifixion and Jesus rising front the tomb and all that goes with it. (Our youth drama team did an awesome skit )

Youth drama skit

 This Easter our pastor, Pastor Bobby preached about the guys who died with Jesus that day. It was a way of looking at it differently. (I’m not even going to try to explain it because I wouldn’t do it nearly as good as he did. You can find a video of it on Facebook under River Point church…) Ironically if you go watch the video you will be able to actually see what I’m talking about as the most moving part of the day for me….

Anyway, this sermon touched my heart and it apparently touched all our boys who sit on the first row… Pastor Bobby usually does an invitation at the end (just like every other church) but he also invites those of us who like to get prayer to come at that… well Sunday he really touched these young men, because as soon as he invited anyone to step up for prayer, they stepped up. That’s right…every single one of those young men as a group took a step forward for prayer that day! It made me tear up..not gonna lie. I myself had just looked up to make my way up front myself (because hey I ALWAYS can use extra prayers) when I saw these guys do this. So instead of going to get extra prayers for myself, I stepped up behind the boys and prayed with them and for them and thanked God for giving us these amazing kids. Got to admit, by the time Pastor Bobby was done, most of the church was at the front. It was wonderful. I sit here now wishing I had a picture of all the boys doing this, but realize that if I had had my phone out to have gotten it I most likely would have missed the moment. I don’t know for sure who said it the first time, but there is a quote out there in the world that says,” The most important part of life isn’t the day you were born or died, but the dash…the life you lead in between.” Life is those “moments” you get, like I got watching 10  young men of our youth group all get an “ah ha moment” at the same time. I’m sure if you talked to each of them, they would tell you different reasons they each stepped up. That they all got something different….or maybe not ‘different ‘ so much as an individual idea of what Pastor Bobby was getting at and trying to bring to them, all of us, that day.

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter! 

Easter 2017 (Bestie, fam, and kiddo)

Kiddo and I

Bestie and her kiddo

Bestie and her fam

Awesome youth pastor and his family

Bestie and I after church

Love and prayers and blessings, 

P.S. Sorry this is a few days late, but it was set to publish and didn’t. My fault.

Day 29~~

Hey y’all!  

First I like to thank y’all for following my blog! I’m beyond excited that 20 of y’all think I am worth following!  (Technically it’s 21, but I’m not sure if family counts πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ cause 1 is sister mine!😜)

Anyway! This week has been a tough week…well Sunday was a good day. 

My beautiful bestie, her kiddo, and me headed to church!

Love him!!

3 outta 4 of my boys! Love them! #theyareallinblack #didtheyplanit 

Church was great as usual! We swung by the hospital on the way home to see Uncle R.(He is bestie’s uncle and mine because I got “adopted” into the family.) He was getting ready to have a procedure done to his heart on Monday.  (Prayers for him would be great as he has been in and out of the hospital a lot lately. ) 

He walked us out saying he needed some fresh air. 

Flags outside of the hospital

Anyway~~ Sunday was good. Kiddo came home late from his trip with his daddy. Monday was long…

Uncle R’s procedure went ok…just took longer than they expected.  He is already home and resting now.

 Tuesday and Wednesday were…emotional. 

Cooked both nights spaghetti and stroganoff. Stroganoff is the only one I got a picture of though.

Today bestie’s hubby ran me to the bank….

It was a deposit a$1 in the bank kinda day…πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

Yes you are seeing that right…I for real had to deposit a dollar into my checking account so I could pay a bill online. Yes that’s the kind of day I had. Afterwards we had to drive all over back roads to run by and see the bestie at work. (She needed something out of the truck). We had to go all over everywhere because a cement truck decided to fight with a train this morning down the street from bestie’s work. Train won. Truck driver and all CSX people are ok, but it made a huge mess they were STILL cleaning up hours later. 

Burned again while cooking

(Please ignore my bad hair lol coming outta my hat and my dirty mirror)  Yes I once again burned my arm cooking dinner..this time a little bigger area. It hurts like hell y’all!  And in my head I keep hearing my Granny (in Mississippi)  and my Memaw (in heaven) telling me to “put some aloe on it baby”. And fussing cause I don’t have an aloe plant to “just break one off and rub it on there”. 

Ribs,rice, cheese potatoes, and bread.(ribs on another plate lol)

Dinner was good. I thought so at any rate. Kiddo hasn’t been feeling well and this is what he requested so he got it (and helped cook it after I got burned on the oven again.) 

Btw…if y’all are like me and have a need to take short cuts on stuff….like the potatoes tonight…do not get great value whole potatoes!  Seriously it had only 4 in one can. (I use these and cut them…I usually have the already sliced since it’s hard for me to hold it and cut it left handed.) I was glad I had another can to chop up and throw in the bowl cause otherwise it wouldn’t have been enough. Lol anyway~~ 

Here’s a few more pictures from Sunday~~

Sunday night off my back porch.

Reminds me of a forest at night on a full moon.

This is the necklace the bestie found while in Paris, France with her son. The guy added all the metal work to turn this cool rock into a necklace. 

Back of necklace

Way home from church/hospital on Sunday

Anyway~~ that’s all for now! Going to go watch TWD and Bones and Gilmore Girls on Netflix. 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends!!

PS. Have a happy Friday and great weekend y’all! 😘

Day 17

Not really sure what to post about todsy so I will just tell y’all about my day and share the pictures I took.

Working on getting my sleep schedule back on track…. I woke up at midnight….and am still awake. I wouldn’t let myself take a nap due to worrying it would keep me awake tonight. Instead I’m awake because I kinda asked a guy on a date….and he said yes! So I’m excited. To explain I actually asked if we could go for a ride. He’s the one who said yes and dinner too if I was up for it. I , of course , said yes! 

Anyway!! Road to church with my best friend and a bunch of kids! ( I have a head light out and just knew I would get pulled over for it. Church was great! Then continued great messages from/to the guy….😊😊😊 yeah I’m feeling good about that right now and am all smiles! 

So here’s all the pictures from tonight….

Boys would look at me and thought it would stop me…lol

Like I said we had a truck full! Lol

Anyway~~spending at least some of tomorrow with my sister! Hope y’all have had a great day! 

Love, prayers, and blessings my friends,

Day 12

I never got to sleep, but I made it to church! Thanks to two cups of coffee and a Mt.Dew!

 Church was amazing! Then got to have lunch with the youth group! 


 “fancy sushi”

At the super buffet (See name in red over my shoulder) I am a VERY full woman at the moment. Now I do believe it is time for a nap! (Which means I will probably sleep til tomorrow! Lol) So that is the reason I am going ahead and doing a post now! 

Love, prayers, and blessings, 

Day 8 (warning this one is kinda long! Lol )

This is day 8 and what I am about to post,  I should have posted last night. I have come to realize that there are some days I just have more to say and do another post or add to the one already done. Anyway~~ So last night I made dinner. 

 (Honey BBQ Chicken, rice, corn/potatoes,  and sweet tea) 

I am very proud of myself for this!! It took way longer than it normally would, and yes it frustrated me, but I got it done! One handed lol 

 I don’t remember buying this but I literally almost cried when I saw the top of these cans!! I can open these! Granted, yes, my shirt got some on it too, but Thank you Jesus! I can open these! Here is the end result that was quite yummy! 

 Sorry I forgot to take the picture before I had started to eat. Lol 

So that was last night. Now for today….. Today was a busy day …as yesterday rolled into today, I could be found watching season 2 of Jane the Virgin on Netflix. (I got to episode 17 before my phone screamed enough and died.) After making sure the kid was up and out the door for school,  I decided I could finally sleep.  This ended up being a nap as I got a call from a friend who needed me to drive him to the ER since his wife was at work. So up I got and off I went (after a shower and he came to get me). While waiting for him to get here I figured I had better get a picture for today. I decided to document the fact that I was indeed out of the house. 

 please excuse my half dry fuzzy hair.  I really need to condition it! 

So off to the ER we went. Side stop at Taco Bell cause ya know..hunger. Lol Friend got admitted to the hospital (prayers would be great. Bad infection). I take truck back to his wife and swing to pick up the kid on the way. 

 Y’all I LOVE and ADORE these 3 boys!!! This is us on the way to bible study tonight! They are friends who are family! These three can always bring a smile to my face! And I seriously love that they know they can tell us anything…and they do! Tonights conversation consisted of who they thought looked hot this year and how one had wanted to smack another one for saying like 30 times in one class “Dude!She’s so hot!” (one in the middle almost got smacked by the big one..by mine lol) The discussed who had what teacher and who was having lunch with who. This was important as the one with no sleeves on is known to sit with a table full of girls each year because they end up bringing him extra food. (Seriously this has been going on since 6th grade) lol so it’s important to know who eats when lol. 

 Me before church

After church they picked up right where they left off! The way home included them singing with the radio several songs! It was great! I am so thankful to be blessed to be in these boys lives!  

Anyway~~all in all it was a good day and I feel accomplished!  Tomorrow I am gonna try housework lol ….probability not gonna be able to do much but I am going to try anyway! Also, with all these books I’ve been reading lately, I might start doing some reviews….I do them on Amazon anyway… Hope y’all had a great day too! 

Love, prayers, and blessings,