Day 6

As I sit here and watch the storm out my window I have a few things on my mind…

I have realized that despite the description,  right now my life doesn’t change much…not unless you count new issues (and I try not to focus on those except to pray and find a way to fix them). My son’s life will be starting a new chapter tomorrow. He will be starting the 10th grade tomorrow. There will be 50million first day of school pictures tomorrow on the FB and I would love to get one of my kiddo, but don’t see it happening. He doesn’t like to get his picture it’s a serious discussion on how many I can take and when. So tomorrow as much as I would like for my picture of the day to be his first day of 10th grade, I just don’t see it happening. 

The other thing I realized is that with my life being what it is these days, (me not leaving the house much) it is HARD to take a picture a day. I figured it would be hard because of my lack of wanting to actually do anything. Which is actually why I am trying to do it. So today as I have been watching yet another storm, I decided that would be my pictures today. When I got outside on my patio to take them I realized that it was raining harder than I thought at the time. So hard it was raining sideways! Hopefully you can see what I mean in the pictures…


 Even had a few trees trying to go sideways 

It seems the storm has passed for now….

Love and prayers and blessings!