Day 11

So it’s late but I actually have some pictures for today!

These beautiful photos I took while waiting for a friend outside my house. It looked so beautiful and felt so good with the breeze blowing. I actually got to enjoy being outside for a little bit. It was great. Some times it’s the little things in life that make your day.

Finally got to the store for much-needed goods.. While there had way too much fun helping a friend pick out an outfit for one of her nieces.(pretty sure final count on the girls was 8 and 2 boys…but can’t remember for sure..I just know it’s a lot. ) Seriously had so much fun looking at all the cute little girl clothes….being thankful the whole time mine is a boy! Lol Anyway~~ as we were leaving we saw this awesome ride in the parking lot!!

 My fun picture for the weekly photo challenge! Awesome, right? It’s only got one wheel in the back! Not sure why I didn’t think to take a side picture… I didn’t take one straight from the back because I didn’t know how to doctor the picture so you couldn’t see the tag. Which according to tag holder it was owned by a marine. Simper fidelis!

Anyway~~ I guess over all it was a good trip. I am beginning to learn to budget simply because it’s a must with very limited income coming in and so much having to go out. It’s frustrating at times but at the moment it is what it is. Hope everyone has had a great day! I’m going to  try to get some sleep even though I ended up drinking a Mt.Dew way too late tonight. I’m hoping to go to church tomorrow!  If I can get to sleep tonight.

Love, prayers, and blessing,