Day 44~~

I’m back once again!! 

We are alive and well here in our little world. I finally have a new phone and am able to post again. Not completely sure what was wrong with my phone but hey the way my life is going… if I didn’t have had luck, I would have no luck at all! Lol

So, I shared my story of getting hurt and most of you have seen my other blogs about the struggle my life has been since then… Not just my life but mine and my son’s. There are a few people who without I know we wouldn’t have gotten this far without. Sister-mine is one of the main ones!! She’s also the one who encouraged this blog and set it up for me. She also encouraged me to try to keep doing things I like. Like reading.   

Hi, my name is Sammie and I’m addicted to books! (Now everyone says together, “Hi Sammie”) lol

Like seriously addicted to reading. I LOVE reading a book,smelling the pages, flipping the pages, and getting lost within those pages. Now as you might imagine, it is now VERY hard for me to hold a real book these days. So I got on my trusty kindle app and started looking for free books to down load. Found ALL kinds of ways to get free ebooks. And they are great. Then I found kindle unlimited. It’s totally worth the monthly fee with as many books as I read. Very rarely can I not find the book I’m looking for on there. I’ve literally been able to read so author’s every book. 

That being said, it’s also gotten me to thinking a lot about all the stories I’ve had floating through my own head. See when sister mine and I were MUCH younger I wanted to write. Hell, I even started and almost got a whole book written with her help. But life has a way of getting in the way of things you think of as pipe dreams. So it fell to the side. 

While having my bestie help me fill out the ongoing paperwork for disability I realized there isn’t anything standing in my way now. Yes I will have to hunt and peck with one hand to get it done, but that’s truly the only thing standing in my way. Granted my only other problem will be that my brain tends to go faster than my fingers will be able to, but I’m sure I will eventually find away around that! (Maybe there is a speech to type something for a laptop) And seriously the only person who ever reads it may only be me.. ( or sister- mine. I can usually talk her into doing stuff like that) We will see…it’s a thought of something that will help take my mind off of the huge amounts of time I now seem to have in my life…. At any rate, I will keep y’all posted! 

Love and prayers and blessings,

Day 9

This is my favorite bible verse and picture of the day. (I made it a few weeks ago.) This is my picture for today, because as I said yesterday I have been slowly, in fits and sperts, been trying to clean house. This is a longer process now. With one hand things are definitely harder and take longer and I get tired easier. On top of that came taking care of somethings with my lawyer. It doesn’t help that I got caught up in finishing V.Vaughn’s series. V.Vaughn and Celia Kyle are my current obsessive reading… So little sleep. But I got some stuff done today so I am calling it a win….and now at almost 8pm I am fighting to stay awake and I haven’t even taken my medicine yet. Calling it early today! Hope everyone had a great day.

Love, prayers, and blessings,