Day 26…

Well apparently I still haven’t figured out the delayed post or whatever it’s called because it didn’t happen. And I , of course, in my frustration,  managed to delete them instead of save. (I promise I am not stupid) 

So to give a quick as I can recap….of the last…oh week….

Felt like crap til Thursday of last week. Finally decided that damn it I was getting up and going to get a new drivers license. Checked kiddo out of school and had issues with the jeep. Drove straight to O’Reilly’s and bought the part I thought I needed and drove straight to Pop’s…thinking the kiddo and I would have to sit there til he came home. Nope he was there and working on something else. So the kidlet went into the “kid’s ” room to watch tv and promptly fell asleep.

I got greeted by Stupie as soon as I got all the way in the house! As always! 

Pretty flower I took a picture of.

A coin someone gave Pop instead of a quarter.

Showing y’all these now because after all of these I kinda lost it…

PMS , lack of sleep, and feeling like nothing was going right….couldn’t find my silver lining. Maybe it was Mom helping clean all the actual trash out of the jeep… Still don’t know. 

Anyway~ ~ road to the store with the bf…needed supplies….like milk and chocolate…chocolate  anything at that point. Went back and woke the kidlet, whose face was now swollen due to his sinuses. He didn’t know I had gotten him his own supplies. Mainly because I was having a bad day and was in no way sharing. (Now we will see if the kidlet reads the blog….) you see I took my stash…and hid it!

Y’all that far box is some way yummy goodness that can be made yummier by adding Nutella on top! 

Now that is a Peanut butter cookie pie thingy….

I’m not a huge peanut butter fan, but, y’all, I LOVE THESE!! So yummy! Y’all should try them! 

Amyway~~ since then kidlet and I have both had issues with out sinuses, found out stuff about the jeep, and burnt myself out on my favorite M&Ms.

More jeep issues have me worried and I’m afraid my ulcer is coming back, but hoping it get fixed (easy fix**fingers crossed** today) (waiting on that call now as a matter of fact)

Gonna go say a prayer and read….pretty sure that I have almost gotten through everything Celia Kyle has out right now…close anyway! (Thank you Kindle Unlimited!!)  

Oh and as of tomorrow I have gone a whole week without caffeine from tea or soda. (Not giving up the chocolate!  Not happening!) (If I wasn’t being lazy I’d make tea)

Love, prayers and blessings my friends!

PS. Here’s a cute little friend for you to see! We (I)  found it on kidlet’s bedroom window! 

Love frogs!!!

PPS. Say a prayer for the kidlet please! Pretty sure we are going to have to make a trip to the dr office soon…all the snot in his head is going down his throat😕😞😕 and he’s coughing now.  I’m going to have him drink hot tea and lemon and honey when he gets home! Hopefully that will help!