Day 37

I was up late again last night waiting to see the new Gilmore Girls. 5 minutes til it’s released in my area and bam…I’m falling to sleep….so I woke up and decided to eat something as I’m everything up.

No bake chocolate eclaire (sp?)

Judge all you want…yes I ate dessert for breakfast! Then decided it wasn’t enough and I was STILL hungry! Lol so I decided to eat left overs! With my coffee! 

Gilmore Girls, leftovers, and coffee for breakfast! (Sorry just realized you can’t really see the screen)

Yes…I had already eatten most of it by the time Netflix worked. Lol

Now I’m not going to go into details….because as much as spoilers don’t bother me they do bother others. Besides I’m still having mixed emotions about some of it…

Loved it!! But still….

Anyway. . . anyone who wants to talk about it I shouldbe good to talk about it soon! Lol 

Gotta say, you jump, I jump Jack is one of my favorites from the original series. And love the LDB! 


Love and prayers and blessings, 


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