There comes a point in some people’s lives where there they hit a wall…a blocked path of their life. I know this first hand….am deaki g with it in my life now. I have recently turned 36 and I feel more lost in my life now than I did when I was a lost teenager who thought she knew everything and didn’t. Due to an unforeseen injury my life that I had made for myself and my son has been torn up…changed in a way I never thought of. I am more dependent on people now than I ever thought I’d have to be again…and it’s messing with my sense of who I am and where my future is going. It’s hard. So very hard to be lost in the world and not being able to see the future. It’s scary. Really scary. Not going to lie….lol it’s too hard or maybe I’m too lazy to lie. I am blessed with a father who is going out of his way to help us..simply because we are his and he loves us. It’s still a struggle and I’m still fighting…every day. Eventually I will see the plan…see where and how to make it work again. Til then….never give up.

Don’t forget to tell those who are standing with you Thank you!!

Thank you Daddy&Mom, CJ, LeaAnn&Josh, Katina&Daniel, Jacob, Paula&Richard, Roger, and Randy. 

Love and blessings and prayers!! 


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