Day 32~~

Hi y’all! 

Sunday was a good day. Church was amazing!! Seriously amazing.

Unfortunately after I ate lunch I felt horribly sick. Took some meds and took a nap. Feeling better when I woke up I decided to head outside to find everyone. And find them I did! They had so much fun and I had a blast watching them.

Me on the way home from church

Boys hiding from me taking pictures.

Before lunch and my nap

Also before nap lol working on the truck

This was after my nap lol. Still working on the truck

My boys shooting arrows

Went through the target and the wood behind it!

Boys goofing off

D getting in on the shooting

Goofy boys

Waiting his turn

I stole his seat

Beautiful sky

Not just broke.. Shattered

The lights you see in the dark are 3 of them working on the truck in the dark. Lol one on top of the truck, one under the truck,  and one on the side.. Lol 

Anyway~~   It was a great day. 

Today was good but little man stomped on my right shoulder and arm while laying on the sofa with me. He is feeling very guilty andnow won’t leave my side.

Yes that is an ice pack. I have one on my shoulder, elbow, and hand. I’m now having spasms and pain. He didn’t mean to so it’s hard to be mad. Anyway~~

Love, prayers, and blessings,


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