Day 15

Today’s daily post post a day promt was : Fifty…..

Loads of clothes to be folded or hung up.

Like I have  fifty million things to do today and all I want to do is sleep. I did finally get about 4-ish hours of sleep before me and a friend headed to the local auto parts store to get them to hook that awesome little machine ttothe jeep to see what’s wrong with it. I need a new alternator soon. Seems part of mine is going bad and it’s easier to replace the whole thing verse that on part. So while this is not the best news, it could have been way worse. I am mildly worried now , instead of freaked out. I know this can be fixed. I am still worried about the money to fix it, but like God answered this prayer He will take care of the rest of it too! On this journey I am on in my life right now I have come to realize more and more that if you have faith and believe and wait… You will see God working in your life. I will praise Him in the hall way til He shows me the door that He wants me to go through. I’m learning. It’s His plan that truly matters, not mine. I can have fifty different plans, but until it’s God’s plan, it won’t work! 

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My favorite song got sang at church yesterday and it keeps going through my head today while going through all this.

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No, all my problems aren’t suddenly gone, but with God’s amazing grace I know that my son and I will get through this.  That’s all I got right now…. 

Love, prayers, and blessings, 


3 thoughts on “Day 15

  1. Hey:

    A couple quick tips in case you didn’t know, hope they help!

    You can buy an alternator cheaper on line or at an auto parts store (such as Advance Auto).
    A garage will charge you a markup (profit). Car dealerships are very competent but usually quite expensive. Some garages will install parts you bring with you, but not all. At least you’re only paying full price for the labor.

    An alternator is usually a fairly easy swap-out for someone who is the least bit mechanical.
    A friend or neighbor that works on their own car could do this in a couple of hours.

    If you can think of no acquaintance, look for folks that drive stock cars or race motocross if there are any such things near you. These guys (and gals) love to do mechanical work, and would swap out an alternator for fifty bucks and a soda.

    Another possibility is a high school or college mechanics’ class (Auto Shop we called it in the last century). Often these folks will work on cars under the supervision of the instructor for educational purposes. This is typically done free of charge.

    p.s. : when we’re really broke, we buy used components from the “junk yard”. Often called Auto Dismantlers. They remove perfectly-good parts from cars that have been crashed. A used alternator costs probably half of a new one (or less). No warranties or anything, and you may find it wears out after a year or two, but sometimes we just need to get back on the road as cheaply as possible.

    Take care and keep in touch,


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