Day 7

Ok it’s day 7 and I explained yesterday that today was the first day of 10th grade for the kiddo and that I was going to try to get a before picture of him….

Well it didn’t work….these are my morning pictures of my kiddo 


Ok first of all….I feel like we have half the high school here…

Second,  y’all I zoomed this picture to get it so the stop isn’t that close to my house. Now people who know me in real life know I am just a loud person,  but y’all,  I don’t got anything on this lady bus driver…seriously I could hear her from my driveway! 

Third….totally forgot it was trash day! Lol Anyway~~so I get a text from the kid asking if he can go to a friend’s house after school. I say fine. (He gets bored because we don’t have internet or cable right now and only has so much data on his phone his daddy gave him)(friend’s house is down the street and has Wi-Fi) So this being said I honestly didn’t think I would see him til later, figuring he would head straight to said friend’s house. I decided that if I started it now I could have him some BBQ Crock-Pot chicken done by the time he came home later this evening. So I was in the kitchen when he came home.Neeeless to say I didn’t think about the fact that he would want to bring his junk home first. 

 so here is my after his first day of 10th grade picture of my kiddo. This look he is giving me is ….well not good. Sad to say he came home with a headache and I ambushed him to get a picture so momma made it worse. And yes before I am asked, we offered to buy him a new backpack for this year and he declined the offer. I offered again not 10 minutes ago. Still said no. Side note, still winning in the momma column…see the purple ear buds? My bluetooth head phone cause his stopped working.  So anyway~~hope y’all’s kiddos all had a good day. 

Love, prayers, and blessings! 

PS ~~ chicken is easy….throw in chicken, BBQ sauce, honey,and brown sugar and let it go on high for 4 hours. Comes out great every time and can be thrown in the pot with one hand. 


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