Basic plan for now… 

This is my handsome kiddo I have been talking about. On January 30th a friend and I took him to the rodeo. This threw us into the crazy life we are dealing with now. You see I fell that night as I was walking out the door and it really messed me up. Not going to go into all the details but I now can not use my right hand at all. I am working on it, but it’s a daily struggle. My son has stepped up in a major way! Such a major way! My right hand was my dominant hand. Anyway! (Warning I say this a lot lol!) I can’t work, which means I have a crap-ton of free time. With that I read a lot…like a lot a lot!! And with my amazing sister mine’s help (yes I call her my sister mine) I have decided to try to take a picture a day and blog about it. Maybe this will seem silly to people, but it gives me something to wrap my brain around…it gives me a goal to accomplish. All from my phone! (We won’t discuss how long this would have taken if I couldn’t do it with my thumb on my phone!) Btw….my sister mine is the one who made this all possible so any mistakes are made by me not her! Lol and there will be mistakes! So here’s a picture of my wonderfully amazing sister mine and her equally amazing hubby! We were sitting in the truck outside of the dr office yesterday!

 So the following picture is from today and one of my favorite kids that isn’t actually mine! **JBC** took me to pick up my medicine from the pharmacy as I hate driving.

 He is making a face at me cause I wouldn’t wait for him to stop to take the picture. It’s ok he loves me anyway!!

So there you go! There’s day one! Hope you enjoy this new adventure with me and hopefully it won’t bore you too much!! Lol

Love and blessing!


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